Maremetraggio rounds the buoy of the fifth edition

Maremetraggio, Trieste's International Shorts Film Festival, has now rounded the buoy of its fifth edition. The “landing” has been very fortunate after having consolidated among the public, critics and experts a successful name, which stands for a great love for the cinema, respect for artistic creations, a stimulus and encouragement to young authors, the desire for cooperation.

Trieste is once again the venue of choice for this prestigious and rich event, which can also pride itself for the unique and not inconsiderable merit of knocking down those barriers that usually exist between celebrities and the audience. One of Maremetraggio's main attractions is definitely the possibility of interacting with a rich host of figures from the world of cinema: directors, actors, distributors and directors of photography do not simply communicate with the Festival organizers or the press, but they are also available for the public especially during the lively morning debates.

This creates a whole series of true parallel artistic events, a sort of 'Festival in the Festival', which gives value added to the kermis. In the course of the previous editions we have had the opportunity of seeing cinema personalities make their debut and reach fame, while the names of prominent figures of the world of cinema have appeared in the Festival's blue catalogues: suffice it to mention Giuliano Montaldo, Chiara Caselli, Paola Cortellesi, Gillo Pontecorvo, Maria Sole Tognazzi, Valentina Cervi, Anna Falchi, Platinette, Riccardo Milani, Franco Di Giacomo, and Luciana della Fornace.

Particular attention has always been focused on teaching activities: young students and Maremetraggio are now a well-consolidated match and the number of young visitors has grown constantly over the years: this too is a unique trait to be borne in mind.

Unlike most other Italian film festivals and events, Maremetraggio does its best to facilitate its visitors by offering free admission. Whoever loves the cinema, the audiovisual language, new forms of communication and the technical and operating aspects of 'movie business' will definitely find also at this year's edition a lot of food for thought and, of course, plenty of opportunities for meeting people at rhythms and paces oriented evermore to the future.

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