ShorTS Comics Marathon

By now a traditional event for the fans of the ninth art, the ShorTS Comics Marathon has an innovative format inaugurated in 2022.
In past editions, participants were called to challenge each other in the creation of panels within 24 hours, whereas since last year they will take part in a sort of relay race contest: starting from a pilot episode and guided in the initial phase by an editor, with whom to confront in the writing phase of the drafts to calibrate their work, each participant will create their own comic strip which will later become part of a single final work. The main character of the story, once again, will be the cinema.

The Marathon is open to single or paired entries. Participants will have the whole month of May to create their comic strip and an editor will be on hand to interface and edit work. At least six comic pages, with free style and technique, laid out according to one fo the grids available (based on six square cartoons on three lines per page) are required. The theme for the 2023 edition and the guidelines will be notified to participants and also posted on the ShorTS IFF website on May 1st.

Once there are 15 entries, a jury of experts will be formed to announce the best works which will then go to make the 2023 edition book.


ShorTS Comics Marathon in previous editions of ShorTS IFF