Des Anges

Jeremy and Abad, two teenagers, are getting bored in a desert Paris in August. Their uneasiness seems to have no barriers. Continua a leggere

Dream work

A woman goes to bed, falls asleep, and begins to dream. This dream takes her to a landscape of light and shadow, evoked in a form only possible through classis cinematography. Continua a leggere

Foglie di cemento

The man, of uncertain birth, the pit is dug, the fill of water and cement and it throws you. Three days before he had met the child bringing her with the deception along the river, provoking the fall and the death of it… Continua a leggere


August: in the desert outskirts of Rome, young Giancarlo is persuaded to steal a porn magazine by his pals. When the newsagent catches him in the act, Giancarlo is in despair, but the man suggest a way out of the jam. Continua a leggere


After the great success of the past four editions, the Association Maremetraggio, is organising, in the year 2004, the fifth edition of “Maremetraggio Festival – International Festival for the best Short Film”… Continua a leggere


The short movies awarded during 2004’s Festival edition. Continua a leggere