New deadline for submissions: 3 March 2024!

The deadline for submissions to the 25th ShorTS IFF has been extended until 3 March!

Apply now for ShorTS Development & Pitching Training 2024

ShorTS Development & Pitching Training aims to discover, accompany – by providing theoretical-practical tools in the crucial phase of the transition from the idea to the movie script – and to launch the talents operating along the path that leads from the Middle East to Trieste, through the countries that we are exploring in more detail in this cycle.

Given the results of past editions, we will continue in the same direction, further enriching the part dedicated to the development of the idea, with the aim of bringing the projects to a high quality level at the time of pitching. The result of the collective work and the dynamic collaboration between the participants show us that we are on the right path, which will once again be full of multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary exchange and interactions, being not only a cinematography workshop, but a real journey of discovery and reflection on the importance and richness of cinema in our world nowadays.

Registrations are open from 22 January to 10 March 2024. The complete regulations and the registration form can be found here.

Special event Pennelli laser e poster d’oltrespazio

Pennelli laser e poster d’oltrespazio is a special event organised by La Cappella Underground in collaboration with Accademia del Fumetto di Trieste and ShorTS Comics Marathon.

Auguri ✨

Best wishes from ShorTS International Film Festival!


Our offices will be closed from 23 december to 7 january 2024.


Noc Kratkih Filmov (The Night of Short Films)

The Night of Shorts, an event which is running for years in Slovenia now, this year also at the Teatro Miela in Trieste.

ShorTS International Film Festival 2024 calling

ShorTS CALLING! Submissions to the 25th ShorTS International Film Festival, to be held in Trieste from 29 June to 6 July 2024 are now open ->

Premio Prospettiva Goes to Massimiliano Caiazzo

The young performer will receive the award during the 24th ShorTS IFF…

Director Adriano Valerio is to head Campolungo!

Adriano Valerio is to head Campolungo, section curated by Massimo Causo and Beatrice Fiorentino…

The image of the 24th edition and the Eco-ShorTS section revealed!

ShorTS IFF presents the image of the 24th Festival, confirming the decision to be a
green Festival, and Eco-ShorTS, a review of environment-themed visions.

Selecters 2023 wanted!

CALLING for Selecters of short films for the Shorter Kids’n’Teens section.