ShorTS IFF presents the image of the 24th Festival, confirming the decision to be a green Festival, and Eco-ShorTS, a review of environment-themed visions.

ShorTS IFF: multivitamin visions

The ShorTS IFF tree grows from year to year with all its various branches. While it’s true that every good tree bears good fruit, this year’s Festival will be rich in vitamin-filled shorts! The vast range of the carefully selected screenings suits all tastes and the Festival becomes a rich basket of fruit – refreshing, nourishing and revitalising. If the single sections are apples, strawberries and lemons to be savoured, ShorTS IFF becomes a fresh and inviting smoothie of all its categories. Fruit doesn’t need long preparation times and can be eaten quickly for extra energy, just like shorts. This is a gift of Nature when it is respected and our reward. Recharge therefore with all the different juices of ShorTS IFF as a short is like the concentrate of a film


8 shorts with different genre, theme and approach, selected by Massimiliano Nardulli with the aim of offering a special, deliberately subjective, vision of some aspects of our relationship with Nature that receive less coverage in the various media and possibly for this reason are more interesting and stimulating for viewers. Here’s a concentrate of works that reflect on and lead us to reflect on the delicate and complex relationships between humankind and the environment, placing at the centre of these short stories the sense of individual responsibility towards the human and natural community.

Among the international works competing for the prize to be awarded by the public, alongside Aski, la mère de tous/Aski, the Mother of All by Amélie Courtois (Canada, 2022), In Light by Alice Fassi (Italy, 2022), Gentle Hum of Spring by Simon Garez (Canada, 2022) and Bahçeler put kesildi/Gardens Petrified by Ali Cabbar (Turkey, 2021), mention is made of Trchox terevneri ergy/The Song of Flying Leaves by Armine Anda (Armenia, 2023), a poetic animation on the meeting and interaction between two different generations and the transmission of a certain sensibility and awareness of the world around us; Selkie by Sophie Suliman (United Kingdom, 2022), a documentary in which the relationship between Nature and water is analysed also from the viewpoint of its benefits for people with mental health issues; Aralkum (Uzbekistan, Germany, 2022) by the German director of Pakistani origins Daniel Asadi Faezi and the Ukrainian Mila Zhluktenko, filmed in the desertified Aral sea, imagining that one day it can be again covered with water and that fishermen can return there to fish; The Legend of Goldhorn by Lea Vučko (Slovenia, 2022), another animation in which the relationship with the environment forms the background to a traditional Slovene fairy tale.

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