The winners of the 23rd edition of ShorTS International Film Festival



Premio EstEnergy – Gruppo Hera
Best short film – 5.000 euro
(Jury members: Ella Kohn, Sameh Alaa and Nicolas Khabbaz)

Fantasma Neon by Leonardo Martinelli
(Brasil, 2021)

«A beautiful and painful social commentary that plays perfectly on
the rhythm of the life of its characters using a mix of genres, waving between realism and fantasy. A young fresh cinematic point of view depicting the chaotic reality of modern capitalism and its effect on the human spirit through a brilliant use of music and accurate cinematography.».

Special Mention

Techno, Mama by Saulius Baradinskas
(Lithuania, 2021)

«A non-classical coming of age story that tackles the family cold relations and the dream of moving forward. The film plays on two contradictory worlds and follows closely the struggle of its character and his escape through his favorite music that represents his only hope of reinventing the self.».

Warsha by Dania Bdeir
(Lebanon, France, 2022)

«For its very original approach in terms of theme and language in addition to its smart twists and choices of images and sounds. The film sheds light on the harsh influence of cultural prejudice and stereotypes with a very unique and powerful use of cinematic tools».

Premio AcegasApsAmga

Best Italian short film – 3.000 euro
(Jury composed by AcegasApsAmga and Gruppo Hera employees)

Lo chiamavano Cargo by Marco Signoretti
(Italy, 2021)


Premio Bazzara Caffè
Best short film as chosen by the audience

Branka by Ákos K. Kovács
(Hungary, 2021)


Premio AMC
Best editing in an Italian short film

Cromosoma X by Lucia Bulgheroni
(Italy, 2021)

«The effective changes of sound and rhythm sustain the narration of the story, ensuring the conservation of tensions and expectations.».


Premio Shorts TV
Best short film as chosen by the jury of Shorts TV

Homebird by Ewa Smyk
(United Kingdom, 2021)

«We’ve chosen to award this film for its poetic and direct story and ability to talk to everyone. With its expressive storytelling, this film is a reminder of the importance of self- belief whilst fully embracing own background and identity. Extensively, it’s also a beautiful poem that talks of the richness and beauty of all diversities.».


Best Italian premiere as chosen by the audience

Barter by Ziba Karamali, Emad Araad
(Iran, 2021)



Premio Nuove Impronte
Best feature film
(Jury members: Haider Rashid, Maria Roveran and Laura Samani)

Crai nou / Blue Moon by Alina Grigore
(Romania, 2021) 

«For the authenticity with which it recounts a family’s complex and painful reality, taking the side with a protagonist who at times is antagonistic to herself, we are forced to redefine the boundary between victim and perpetrator, and to ask ourselves the significance of family, loyalty, and sense of belonging».

Premio del pubblico
Best feature film as chosen by the audience 

Crai nou / Blue Moon by Alina Grigore
(Romania, 2021)

Premio SNCCI – Sindacato Nazionale Critici Cinematografici Italiani

Best feature film as chosen by the jury of the Italian Syndicate of Film Critics
(jury members: Giuseppe Gariazzo, Paola Olivieri and Ignazio Senatore)

Broadway by Christos Massalas
(Greece, France, Romania, 2021)

«A whirlwind of explosive people for which there is not place in this world. A space that becomes body and soul, giving a voice to contrasting and resonant emotions. A crossroads of images where cinema, theatre, musical and melodrama all merge together».

Special Mention

A Criança by Marguerite Marguerite de Hillerin and Félix Dutilloy-Liégeois
(France, Portugal, 2022)



Premio Shorter Kids
Best short film Kids

Saka sy Vorona/Cat and Bird by Franka Sachse
(Germany, 2021)

Premio Shorter Teens
Best short film Teens 

Stars on the Sea by Jang Seung-wook
(South Corea, 2021)


Premio ShorTS Virtual Reality
Best VR short film as chosen by the audience – 2.000 euro

33/16 by Marco Fabbro
(Italy, 2022)


Premio Cinema del Presente 2022

Gabriele Mainetti

Premio Prospettiva 2022

Aurora Giovinazzo

Premio Attrice del Presente 2022

Teresa Saponangelo

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