ShorTS IFF announces the Maremetraggio section 2022!

ShorTS IFF announces the Maremetraggio Section 2022!

Premio Prospettiva 2022 award goes to Aurora Giovinazzo

Aurora Giovinazzo, who made her cinema debut in Gabriele Mainetti’s film
Freaks Out (2021), to receive the Premio Prospettiva 2022 award at the ShorTS International Film Festival.

The young actress will receive the Premio Prospettiva award, a recognition that the Festival has been dedicating for 13 years to emerging talents of Italian cinema, during the 23rd edition which will be held in Trieste from 1 to 9 July 2022.

Since its inception, the Premio Prospettiva of the ShorTS International Film Festival has specifically staked on the future of the young talents discovered by the Trieste event each year. Through this award, ShorTS will once again in 2022 turn the spotlight on a promising newcomer to Italian cinema. A gamble which, over time, has been vindicated by the careers of the various recipients of this award from the Festival, including Alba Rohrwacher, Luca Marinelli, Michele Riondino, Matilda De Angelis, Daphne Scoccia, Sharon Caroccia, Francesco Di Napoli, Giulio Pranno and Luka Zunic.

Here is the press release.

New deadline to register for the workshop!

The deadline to register for the workshop ShorTS Development & Pitching Training has been extended: the new deadline is 17 April 2022.
To read the complete rules and regulations and to register click here.

Download the presentation of the workshop here.

Torna Radiograph of a Family!

Radiograph of a Family verrà proiettato al Cinema Ariston alla presenza della regista Firouzeh Khosrovani…

Cerchiamo i Selecters 2022!

Da oggi, lunedì 14 marzo, bambini dagli 8 ai 10 anni e ragazzi dagli 11 ai 15 possono candidarsi per diventare Selecters per la sezione competitiva Shorter Kids’n’Teens dello ShorTS International Film Festival edizione 2022!

Chi sono i Selecters?
Selecters sono bambini e ragazzi che scelgono i cortometraggi della sezione Shorter Kid’s’Teens dopo aver partecipato a un percorso di alfabetizzazione cinematografica che, sotto la guida di un media educator, aiuta a sviluppare le abilità nell’analisi di un film e nella valutazione delle sue qualità. I Selecters hanno personalità e gusti molto diversi tra loro ma un’unica grande passione: quella per il cinema bello, emozionante e capace di fare riflettere.

Candidarsi per diventare Selecter è semplice: basta compilare il form relativo alla propria fascia d’età qui e inviarcelo.

La call resterà aperta fino a venerdì 8 aprile. Buona fortuna!

New deadline for entries to ShorTS IFF 2022!

The deadline for entries has been extended to 7 March 2022!
There is one more week to submit your short film to one of the competitive sections of the 23rd edition of ShorTS International Film Festival which are Maremetraggio and Last Chance, Shorter Kids’n’Teens ShorTS Virtual Reality. For all details please click here.

To enrol your short film, please choose either Festhome or Filmfreeway.

Season’s Greetings

Best Wishes from all of us here at ShorTS International Film Festival!


ShorTS International Film Festival
23° edition
Trieste, 1 – 9 July 2022

Cinema in corsivo

A project by ShorTS International Film Festival to meet and get to know the world of short films

The main goal of the film literacy project Cinema in corsivo is to introduce students of elementary and middle schools to the world of short films. The project is divided into two steps: the first step aims at creating a group of Selecters (those selecting the films for the Shorter Kids’n’Teens section of the festival dedicated to children and teenagers); the second step aims at forming a jury which is going to decide upon the winners of the section during the festival taking place beginning of July.

Starting this year, Cinema in corsivo involves students not only from schools in Trieste, but also in nearby Gorizia. Teachers interested in making their students join this fun-filled and educational initiative, which is free of charge, may enrol by filling in a form available on our website.

ShorTS Development & Pitching Training 2022


ShorTS Development & Pitching Training for short film projects

Following the success of last year’s workshop and taking inspiration from the new artistic orientation for the years to come, ShorTS International Film Festival has decided to expand the format offering a more accurate focus on development and pitching for short film projects.

The workshop is dedicated to directors and scriptwriters with a project in an early stage of development – initial idea, synopsis, short treatment – for a short film of any kind (animation, documentary, experimental and fiction) from the following countries: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, Lebanon, Malta, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey.
The main goal of the workshop is to boost the creativity of the participants improving originality and the thematic strength of the story, always keeping in mind the feasibility in terms of production and the potential of the story for the festivals circuit. Moreover, 5 selected participants will be trained in creating an effective and persuasive pitch for their projects and they will have the opportunity to test it in front of selected representatives of national and international production companies.

The ShorTS Development & Pitching Training will be divided into two parts:

  • The first one, online, in May 2022, will focus on development and it will include collective and individual meetings to prepare the participants to write down an upgraded version of their stories. For this part of the workshop 10 participants/projects of the Countries included in the list will be selected.
  • The second part will be held in Trieste, Italy, in person, in July 2022 and will be focused in how to pitch the project. For this second part only 5 participants/projects out of 10 will be selected.

All the sessions will be run by the tutor MASSIMILIANO NARDULLI (LESS IS MORE & WORD-FRAME).

Classes will be held in English and this is the proposed schedule (TBC).

  • MAY 3rd & 4th – Collective session + individual meetings (ONLINE)
  • MAY 24th & 25th – Collective session + individual meetings (ONLINE)
  • MAY 27th – Selection of the 5 projects for the second part of the workshop
  • JULY 1st & 2nd – Pitching training (IN PERSON)
  • JULY 3rd – Pitching showcase (IN PERSON & ONLINE)

The partnership with Centro Nazionale del Corto and Torino Short Film Market, will also guarantee the selection of one of the projects of the workshop to take part in the pitching session of the 7th Torino Short Film Market.


To register:

To apply for the workshop, you need to register online through the form available below accepting all the conditions and rules.
The application is free of charge. A fee of 50 euros is required to attend the first part of the workshop. An additional fee of 50 euros is required to attend the second part of the workshop (only for the 5 selected projects).
The deadline for submitting the application is APRIL 10th. The 10 selected projects will be published on APRIL 15th.