Ci vorrebbe un miracolo

Italia / Italy 2014, DigiBeta, Dolby SRD, col., 74′
Elena returns to Puglia to take part in the funeral of her old uncle. Here she meets again her cousin Gianluca who involves her little by little in an odd plan. Who’s polluting our fish and our seas? Elena gets deeply involved in the matter, until a supernatural and amazing occurrence upsets every forecast…[:] Read more

Fat Cat

Italia / Italy 2013, HD, Mono, col., 84′
Burro and Zeus are two half-witted gangsters who work for a psychopatic millionaire, “il Mosca”, whose best friend is Renato, a bronze statue of a cat. One day at a night club, Zeus accidently shoots and kills a girl. “Il Mosca” forgives them, but “Il Barone”, secret lover of the victim, is furious and plots a terrible revenge…[:] Read more

Il mondo fino in fondo

Italia / Italy 2013, HD, col., 95′
Davide and his brother Loris live in Agro, a small town in the north of Italy. Their father is a local industrialist and they work in the family factory. Davide is eighteen years old and is gay. Loris is almost thirty and doesn’t know his brother is a homosexual. The only thing that he cares of is football and in particular the football club Inter. When he wants to follow his team on their away game against Barcellona, he asks his brother to go with him. In Spain, Davide gets to know Andy, Chilean and committed ecologist, and he immediately falls in love with him. Andy asks Davide to go with him to Santiago and he simply cannot refuse him.[:] Read more

Il Sud è niente

Italia / Italy 2013, HD, col., 90′
Grazia is 17 years old and lives in Reggio Calabria. When she was a child, her brother Pietro emigrated to Germany and never came back. Her father told her he was dead and would never talk about it. One night, after the two of them had an argument, she goes walking in the sea and he sees a human figure who reminds her of her brother. That same night she decides to go look for him, defying the silence her father has always imposed.[:] Read more

Il terzo tempo

Italia / Italy 2013, HD, Dolby A, col., 96′
Samuel is a boy who was born and raised in a difficult and violent environment. When he completes yet another period of detention, the supervisory magistrate sends him to a rehabilitation programme in a farm. His supervisor is the social worker Vincenzo, whose time is divided between his job, his teenager daughter and the coaching task of the rugby’s local team managed by Teresa. Rugby here is a metaphor of life. A life made of ups and downs, victories and defeats, mistakes and opportunities of redemption at the cost of sacrifices and discipline, which will help Samuel to find the way.[:] Read more

La mossa del pinguino

Italia / Italy 2013, HD, Dolby SR, col., 96′
Rome, 2006. Bruno, who has passed the thirties since quite a while, doesn’t want to grow up and become an adult. Even though he’s married with Eva and they have a boy who’s attending the elementary school, he’s a textbook example of the “Peter Pan syndrome”. He’s unable to keep a job for more than six months and he always gets to grips with unlikely plans that never end well. He spends his days playing table soccer with his best friend since school, Salvatore.[:] Read more

La terra e il vento

Italia / Italy 2013, Beta SP, Dolby SR, col., 86′
Shortly before leaving for Nepal, Leonardo, twenty-five-year-old mountaineer who left education to pursue his dream of travelling, goes back home in the countryside of Lazio. But after he meets his half-brother Riccardo, who became manager of the family farm when their father died, he’s forced to postpone his departure: the future of the farm, which rises on the hills where Chianti is made, is bound by a complex inheritance issue. Leonardo, in order to help his half-brother to settle the controversy, agrees to go to Tuscany with him for a few days. There he will find a special connection with Chiara, Riccardo’s sister.[:] Read more


Italia / Italy 2013, HD, Dolby SRD, b/n, 93′
Atletico Pabarile, the weakest football team in the Sardinian third division, is humiliated just like every year by Montecrastu, a team managed by Brai who, as owner of the farmlands, is always oppressing the farmers who also play in Atletico Pabarile. When Matzutzi comes back to town, the balance of the league is shifted and Atletico Pabarile begins to win game after game, thanks to the talent of their star player. As the events unfold, we witness the rise of Cruciani as an ambitious, internationally well-known referee, and a feud deeply interwoven with tradition and ancient rules, in which two players of Montecrastu are involved.[:] Read more

L’arte della felicità

Italia / Italy 2013, HD, col., 84′
A gloomy sky. The omens of apocalypse in a Naples at the peak of its decline. Sergio, a taxi driver, receives shocking news. Nothing will ever be as it was. As he looks in the mirror, he sees a forty-year-old man who turned his back on music and lost himself in his city’s limbo. His taxi becomes a microcosm in which he’s withdrawn from the world; but the world comes in and out as its passengers come and go. While outside is storming, the car becomes a place full of memories, hopes, regrets and new opportunities.[:] Read more


Italia / Italy 2014, 35mm, Dolby SR, col., 80′
An accident. A bus is driven off-road and completely over-turned. It is the beginning of a story which will bind the lives of three people. Assia is the only survivor, a girl who’s always looking for the true love. Enrico, a stand-up comedian who’s unable to amuse anymore, lost something in that night full of odd coincidences; that’s why he carries a gun. Matteo, a policeman and a rugby player, is the first one to get to the scene of the accident. Shortly before the bus’ explosion, a mysterious déjà-vu creates in him the desire to move away and start all over again. His final decision will forever change his fate and that of those who will follow him in a crazy race against time…[:] Read more