Italia / Italy 2014, 35mm, Dolby SR, col., 80′
An accident. A bus is driven off-road and completely over-turned. It is the beginning of a story which will bind the lives of three people. Assia is the only survivor, a girl who’s always looking for the true love. Enrico, a stand-up comedian who’s unable to amuse anymore, lost something in that night full of odd coincidences; that’s why he carries a gun. Matteo, a policeman and a rugby player, is the first one to get to the scene of the accident. Shortly before the bus’ explosion, a mysterious déjà-vu creates in him the desire to move away and start all over again. His final decision will forever change his fate and that of those who will follow him in a crazy race against time…[:]


Regia / Director
Francesco Prisco
soggetto, sceneggiatura / subject,
Francesco Prisco, Anna Maria Morelli,
Gualtiero Rosella
fotografia / cinematographer
Francesco Di Giacomo
montaggio / editing
Lorenzo Peluso
musica / music
Valerio Faggioni
tecnico del suono / sound editor
Daniele Maraniello
costumi / costume designer
Loredana Buscemi
scenografia / set decoration
Carmine Guarino
Giorgio Pasotti, Nina Torresi, Gianfelice
Imparato, Ester Elisha, Antonio Milo
genere / genre
drammatico / dramatic
produzione / production
Nuvola Film Srl, Elsinore Film Srl
distribuzione / distribution
Videa CDE
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