La mossa del pinguino

Italia / Italy 2013, HD, Dolby SR, col., 96′
Rome, 2006. Bruno, who has passed the thirties since quite a while, doesn’t want to grow up and become an adult. Even though he’s married with Eva and they have a boy who’s attending the elementary school, he’s a textbook example of the “Peter Pan syndrome”. He’s unable to keep a job for more than six months and he always gets to grips with unlikely plans that never end well. He spends his days playing table soccer with his best friend since school, Salvatore.[:]


Regia / Director
Claudio Amendola
soggetto / subject
Michele Alberico, Giulio Di Martino,
Andrea Natella
sceneggiatura / screenplay
Claudio Amendola, Edoardo Leo,
Michele Alberico, Giulio Di Martino
fotografia / cinematographer
Antonio Grambone
montaggio / editing
Alessio Doglione
musica / music
Giorgio H. Federici
tecnico del suono / sound editor
Maurizio Miani
costumi / costume designer
Antonella Cannarozzi
scenografia / set decoration
Roberto De Angelis
Edoardo Leo, Richy Memphis, Antonello
Fassari, Ennio Fantastichini, Francesca
genere / genre
commedia / comedy
produzione / production
DAP Italy
distribuzione / distribution
Videa CDE
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