Italia / Italy 2013, HD, Dolby SRD, b/n, 93′
Atletico Pabarile, the weakest football team in the Sardinian third division, is humiliated just like every year by Montecrastu, a team managed by Brai who, as owner of the farmlands, is always oppressing the farmers who also play in Atletico Pabarile. When Matzutzi comes back to town, the balance of the league is shifted and Atletico Pabarile begins to win game after game, thanks to the talent of their star player. As the events unfold, we witness the rise of Cruciani as an ambitious, internationally well-known referee, and a feud deeply interwoven with tradition and ancient rules, in which two players of Montecrastu are involved.[:]


Regia / Director
Paolo Zucca
soggetto / subject
Paolo Zucca
sceneggiatura / screenplay
Paolo Zucca, Barbara Alberti
fotografia / cinematographer
Patrizio Patrizi
montaggio / editing
Sarah Mc Teigue, Walter Fasano
musica / music
Andrea Guerra
tecnico del suono / sound editor
Pietro Fancellu
costumi / costume designer
Stefania Grilli
scenografia / set decoration
Pietro Rais, Marianna Sciveres,
Margarita Tambornino
Stefano Accorsi, Geppi Cucciari, Jacopo
Cullin, Alessio Di Clemente, Marco
Messeri, Benito Urgu, Francesco
genere / genre
commedia / comedy
produzione / production
Classic Srl
distribuzione / distribution
Lucky Red Srl
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