La terra e il vento

Italia / Italy 2013, Beta SP, Dolby SR, col., 86′
Shortly before leaving for Nepal, Leonardo, twenty-five-year-old mountaineer who left education to pursue his dream of travelling, goes back home in the countryside of Lazio. But after he meets his half-brother Riccardo, who became manager of the family farm when their father died, he’s forced to postpone his departure: the future of the farm, which rises on the hills where Chianti is made, is bound by a complex inheritance issue. Leonardo, in order to help his half-brother to settle the controversy, agrees to go to Tuscany with him for a few days. There he will find a special connection with Chiara, Riccardo’s sister.[:]


Regia / Director
Sebastian Maulucci
soggetto / subject
Sebastian Maulucci
sceneggiatura / screenplay
Sebastian Maulucci, Severino Iuliano
fotografia / cinematographer
Paco Maddalena
montaggio / editing
Giuseppe Pietro Tornatore
musica / music
Francesco Ruggiero
tecnico del suono / sound editor
Vincenzo Urselli, Edgar Iacolenna
costumi / costume designer
Laura Di Marco
scenografia / set decoration
Daniele Frabetti
Lorenzo Richelmy, Christiane Filangieri,
Chiara Martegiani, Margherita Vicario,
Rosanna Gentili, Maurizio Lombardi,
Pietro De Silva
genere / genre
drammatico / dramatic
produzione / production
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