Cinema in corsivo

Cinema, cinema, cinema! Our lives are filled with pictures and screens, telling our stories, amplifying our dreams, desires, fears and all our emotions. We cannot ignore those pictures, we simply cannot do without. This is the reason why, in cooperation with Trieste’s media center, we are committed to a project to discover the world of pictures and cinema and, obviously, of short films.

Cinema in corsivo is a workshop to educate school children to watch and analyze films and bring them closer to the world of cinema, by teaching them the language and basics of filmmaking.

The project, now in its third edition, is aimed at all interested schools in the Trieste area, in order to involve, year after year, an increasingly wider school network. The starting point of this project is the idea that teaching visual and audiovisual language as an integrated practice in school programs is crucial to help raise conscious viewers and citizens of tomorrow, who are able to understand a world and an era characterized by audiovisual narrative.

Two lessons in the classroom and one in a cinema will be given by two audiovisual experts, Manuela Morana and Marco Catenacci. Children and teenagers will have the chance to learn the basics of the language of cinema and how to analyze films, also by means of support materials, such as movie clips, videoclips and commercials. In this way, children and teenagers will be acquainted with the basics of the language of cinema and, therefore, will be able to interpret a film autonomously, understanding its meaning and its cultural and aesthetical value.

The lessons in the classroom will be followed by the second phase of the project: the students interested in continuing their full immersion in the world of cinema, can apply to be part of a special jury which will select the winning short film in the Shorter Kids’n’Teens section, dedicated to the youngest of ShorTS International Film Festival. In so doing, the jury children not only can put into practice what they have learned in the classroom but can also experience cinema in the context of a film festival, becoming an active part of it.

School year 2018 / 2019

In the 2018/2019 edition four groups were involved: a third and a fourth grade from Tarabochia Elementary School and two seventh grades from Brunner Middle School.

Thanks to the media center’s tutors, the students discovered and analyzed the general, specific and exceptional features of the audiovisual language. They also got to know the elements composing the contents and expressive form of short films, acquiring the necessary means to evaluate their quality. In this learning environment, classroom lectures gave way to dialogue and confrontation among peers. The ultimate goal of this project is for children to become passionate and conscious viewers, capable of choosing what to watch or not to watch.

The last lesson of Cinema in corsivo couldn’t be done anywhere else but in Ariston cinema, where students sat in a real audience and could experience the collective screening of a short selection of short films and, together with their tutors, pretended to be members of a real jury.

This was a training experience for the students, which prepared them to be “active” participants in the festival on 1st and 2nd July at Teatro Miela.

School year 2018 / 2019

In the first edition of Cinema in corsivo, four classes from the Ai Campi Elisi School, two from Morpurgo Primary School and two from Stock Middle School partecipated in the project.

The students followed some theory classes with some experts in audiovisual and cinema education, twice in the classroom and once in the Ariston cinema. They worked interactively on the subject “how do you see the world around you”. Children and teenagers showed their points of view by means of drawings, photographs and other tools, elaborating what they had learned in class in a personal and creative way.

At the end of the lessons, the children and teenagers interested in continuing their experience in the world of cinema and in participating in a film festival, had the chance to be part of a special jury, to select the best short films during the 9th edition of ShorTS International Film Festival in the Shorter Kids’nTeens section (Ariston Cinema, 3rd-4th July 2018).