Successful start to ShorTS festival – Today a presentation from the jury of the Mattador prize

After the success of the opening event last night in Piazza Verdi, the second day of ShorTS International Film Festival for short films and debut works, is underway and continues until the 10th July.

We start with the presentation of the best aspiring screenwriters of the 6th Premio Mattador this evening, Friday 3rd July at 5:30pm in Teatro Verdi, Trieste, First Circle.

As is tradition, during the press conference, organised by Associazione Mattador in collaboration with Teatro Verdi and hosted within ShorTS International Film Festival, the finalists of the section will be revealed, and on 17th July in Venice they will meet the winners of the other sections. The evening of the 3rd July starts off at 11pm in Piazza Verdi, as part of ShorTS International Film Festival, with the screening of the winning short of the CORTO86 2014 section.

Attending the press conference, conducted by journalist Pierluigi Sabatti, will be the members of the Jury of the Premio Mattador 2015 who will reveal characteristics and content of the works: Stefano Mordini (director and president of the jury), Monica Mariani (screenwriter), Alessandro Corsetti (Rai Cinema script editor), Davide Toffolo (designer and illustrator), Giampaolo Smiraglia (producer). Also participating will be: Fabrizio Borin (film history lecturer at Università Ca’ Foscari), Gianluca Novel (Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission), Chiara Omero (artistic director of ShorTS International Film Festival) and Pietro Caenazzo (President of Associazione Mattador).

The Premio Mattador, dedicated to Matteo Caenazzo, young film student, and aimed at new talents between the ages of 16 and 30, proposed a change this year: alongside the pre-existing sections, screenplay, script, screenplay for short film CORTO86, there will be DOLLY “Illustrating stories for cinema”, for the best story told through pictures.

Also present at the evening screening of the short film ‘Bagaglio in eccesso’ by Mariachiara Manci, starring Maria Roveran and Moisé Curia, will be: young director and coordinator the project, Giulio Kirchmayr, supervisor of Fantastificio, Michele Milossi and composer of the original music, Aldo Betto. The short was produced by Mattador, with coproducers Fantastificio Film Production, Pianeta Zero and Pilgrim Film, with the support of Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission and in collaboration with Officine Artistiche of Rome.

At 8pm in Cinema Ariston in the Nuove Impronte section for debut works, the film “Perfidia” (2013) by Bonifacio Angius will be screened. It competed in Locarno 2014 and follows an investigation through the themes of family, jail, obsession, desire and repression.

In Piazza Verdi at 11:15pm in the Maremetraggio section, there will be seven short films from Italy, the Ukraine, Denmark, Austria and Germany.

The festival is carried out with the contribution of the Ministry for goods and cultural activities and tourism, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Turismo Fvg, Trieste Council, Fondazione CRTrieste, Trieste Chamber of Commerce and Fondazione Casali.

The event profits from collaborations with Trieste Estate, the Province of Trieste, Casa del Cinema of Trieste, Cinema Ariston and Teatro Verdi of Trieste. Jaguar, Bakel and Trieste Caffè are the official partners of the 2015 festival.


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