El amor me queda grande

Spain | 2014 | Digital, Red Mysterium | col. 19′

Samuel is 10 years old and madly in love with Lucia. Lucia is 12 years old and has a master plan to get rid of, after her father’s mysterious death in a car crash, the only obstacle in her life preventing her from becoming what she desires: a writer, film critic and rich.


regista / director       Javier Giner

sceneggiatura / screenplay       Javier Giner

fotografia / cinematographer       Joaquín Manchado

montaggio / editing       Cyrus Aliakbari

musica / music       Mariano Marín

tecnico del suono / sound editor       Daniel Molina, Oscar Paniagua

suono / sound       5.1 Stereo

cast       Lucía Caraballo, Izan Corchero, Mariola Fuentes, Teresa Quintero, Iñigo Giner

genere / genre       Fiction

produzione / production       Actus Producciones, S.L.



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