Tin & Tina

Spagna | 2013 | 35mm | B/W 12′

Tin e Tina non mangeranno la zuppa stasera.


regista / director     Rubin Stein                       

sceneggiatura / screenplay    Rubin Stein

fotografia / cinematographer     Alejandro Espadero

musica / music      Juan Carlos Casimiro

tecnico del suono / sound editor     Jose Tome

suono / sound     DOLBY SR

costumi / costume designer     Paz Manzo

scenografia / set decoration     Rosario Aneas

cast    Ana Blanco, Sasha Di Benedetto, Manolo Cuervo

genere / genre    Fiction

produzione / production       NIRVEIN FILMS

distribuzione / distribution      NIRVEIN FILMS




Croazia | 2014 | Digital | col. 9′

Quale immagine è reale – quella che ci fissa dallo specchio o quella che le sta davanti? In un corridoio pieno di illusioni, un simulacro dietro allo specchio, lui sta cercando di capire se sta guardando uno sconosciuto o a un a parte nascosta di sé.


regista / director       Ivana Bosnjak, Thomas Johnson

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Ivana Bosnjak, Thomas Johnson

fotografia / cinematographer      Ivan Slipcevic

montaggio / editing       Iva Kraljevic

musica / music      Hrvoje Stefotic                                          

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Hrvoje Stefotic

suono / sound      DOLBY SR                             

scenografia / set decoration      Ivana Bosnjak, Thomas Johnson                    

genere / genre      Animazione

produzione / production     Bonobostudio

distribuzione / distribution     Bonobostudio




Poland | 2014 | HD | color | 7′

A narrated animation in the form of a journal produced as a combination of drawings and graphics. An attempt to find visual equivalents for decomposition and mental deconstruction of personality/person as well as to show desperate efforts aiming at its reconstructing, merging. It’s a peculiar game of graphic representations of mental states which accompany daily struggle with reality, including questions such as: “who am I?, “what do I consist of?”.



regista / director     Marcin Wojciechowski

sceneggiatura / screenplay           Marcin Wojciechowski

fotografia / cinematographer    Marcin Wojciechowski

montaggio / editing     Marcin Wojciechowski

musica / music  electrons

suono / sound   Dolby SR

genere / genre    animazione / animation

produzione / production   Fundacja Anima Art.

distribuzione / distribution   Krakow Film Foundation



A Questo Punto…

Italy | 2014 | ProRes 422, FULL HD | col. 19′

Enrico is shocked by the sudden loss of his friend and buddy Paolo. He goes to his dead friend’s house where he finds the widow and a friend of him, the priest Don Cristiano for his last goodbye to Paolo. As soon as the priest and Enrico are left alone with the corpse, it turns out that Paolo is alive and that it was all just a swindle…


regista / director      Antonio Losito

sceneggiatura / screenplay     Antonio Losito

fotografia / cinematographer     Francesco Ciccone

montaggio / editing       Francesco Ciccone

musica / music        Claudio Recchia

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Federico Tummolo

suono / sound       OPTICAL

costumi / costume designer       Isaura Bruni

scenografia / set decoration       Daniele Frabetti

cast       Pietro De Silva, Patrizia Loreti, Alberto Patelli, Gianni Cannavacciulo, Roberto D’Alessandro, Antonio Losito, Fabrizio Catarci, Veronica Liberale.

genere / genre       Fiction

produzione / production       Losito

distribuzione / distribution       Losito


The Cause

United Kingdom | 2013 | HD | col. 13′

Sometime in the near future. Somewhere is mid-revolution. An activist mother and her photographer son are trapped together in a bunker. A last chance to heal a lifelong rift – he’s always suspected that she put her political principals before him. But now she’s dying, and he finally sees that her love for him is stronger than any belief she’s fought and is dying for… but something goes wrong.


regista /  director     Marco De Luca

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Stuart Thomas

fotografia / cinematographer      Cristian Mantio

montaggio / editing      Valentina Massimi

musica / music      James W. Wilkie

tecnico del suono / sound editor     Lois Jones

costumi / costume designer     Lucille Acevedo Jones

scenografia / set decoration      Carlos Fontanarrosa

cast         Carey Lowell, Dan Ritchie

genere / genre       Fiction

produzione / production       Webra Multimedia

distribuzione / distribution      Webra Multimedia



The Sound of Crickets

Switzerland | 2014 | DCP / Apple ProRes | col. 6′

A young girl has to find the strength to fight for freedom and independence from her tyrannical mother.


regista / director     Justine Klaiber    

sceneggiatura / screenplay     Justine Klaiber

fotografia / cinematographer   Justine Klaiber

montaggio / editing     Justine Klaiber

musica / music      Andreas Bissig                                           

tecnico del suono / sound editor     Evelyn Buri & Christof Steinmann

suono / sound     DOLBY SR

costumi / costume designer    Justine Klaiber

scenografia / set decoration      Justine Klaiber                                                             

genere / genre      Animation

produzione / production     University of Lucerne

distribuzione / distribution    University of Lucerne


The Shift

United States, Italy | 2014 | HD | col. 8′

Joe comes home from work to find that his wife Betty has changed. At first there’s just something off about her. But soon he realises that she’s dangerous and ready to kill. He will soon find out that she’s been replaced by a shape-shifting alien with a plan. He tries to escape and to defend their neighbour Nancy. But the Alien is too strong and fast. He can’t do anything but cry over his dead wife’s body and lay low. For now. An invasion is taking place and he has no way of stopping it. There’s more of them out there.


regista / director     Francesco Calabrese

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Francesco Calabrese

fotografia / cinematographer       Patrick Jones

montaggio / editing       Francesco Calabrese

musica / music        Francesco Calabrese

costumi / costume designer        Suzy Sachs

scenografia / set decoration         Ricardo Jattan

cast         Molly C. Quinn, Ryan Welsh, Whitney Hoy

genere / genre        Fiction

produzione / production      Withstand Film

distribuzione / distribution     Withstand



Poland | 2013 | 35MM | B/W 3′

Anton pay a visit for his wife in prison in order to complete their divorce documents. Meanwhile in the prison’s visitor’s waiting room his current girlfriend waits for him unaware that he just became a father.


regista / director    Marta Prus

sceneggiatura / screenplay     Marta Prus

fotografia / cinematographer    Adam Suzin

montaggio / editing      Cecylia Pacura         

suono / sound     DOLBY A

cast     Lude Reno, Ene Daniluk, Sarah Nakiwala

genere / genre       Fiction

produzione / production     Lodz Film School

distribuzione / distribution     Lodz Film School


Melody Night

Iraq | 2014 | 35mm | col. 2′

This story is about war and the ugly face of war.


regista / director      Kayhan Anwar

sceneggiatura / screenplay     Kayhan Anwar

fotografia / cinematographer      Kayhan Anwar

montaggio / editing      Kayhan Anwar

musica / music      Kayhan Anwar

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Kayhan Anwar

scenografia / set decoration      Kayhan Anwar

genere / genre       Animazione / Animation

produzione / production      Kayhan Anwar

distribuzione / distribution       Kayhan Anwar



Spain | 2014 | HD Digital | col. 8′

A boy and a girl are getting to know each other, but the distance that separates them could be bigger than it appears.


regista / director     Rodrigo Canet

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Rodrigo Canet

fotografia / cinematographer      Rodrigo Canet

montaggio / editing      Rodrigo Canet

musica / music      Squinancywort

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Álvaro G. Nieto

costumi / costume designer      Elena Martín

scenografia / set decoration      Rodrigo Canet

cast       Rebeka Brik, Manuel Minaya, Carlos de Ancos

genere / genre      Experimental

produzione / production        Mediaclaqueta

distribuzione / distribution        Mediaclaqueta