Italian Standoff

Germany| 2014 | HD | col. 11′

The Italian Marco attacks a rich business man with a suitcase full of money. When he becomes aware what the business plans to do with the money, the two start talking. In the end both seem to go their separate ways in good humour – if only money wasn’t so insidious.


regista / director      Marcel Becker-Neu

sceneggiatura / screenplay       Marcel Becker-Neu

fotografia / cinematographer       Sebastian Salanta

montaggio / editing       Marcel Becker-Neu

musica / music       Dennis Schwill

tecnico del suono / sound editor        Jonas Köhne, Pablo Faber

cast       Daniele Nese, Michael Ihnow

genere / genre       Fiction

produzione / production      Vollbild e.V.

distribuzione / distribution       aug&ohr medien, M. Kaatsch, J. Hardt & Co. GbR


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