Macedonia | 2012 | 4k | B/W 14′

The Tibetan word Bardo means literally intermediate state also translated as transitional state or in-between state. It is a state that lies between two other states, between life and death, sadness and joy, being a child and growing up. Bardo is a story about two friends, a little girl and a balloon which reminds her of her father. A story about little girl’s world coming face to face with grownups world while attending her father’s funeral.


regista / director      Marija Apchevska

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Marija Apchevska, Katerina Momeva

fotografia / cinematographer       Vladimir Samoilovski

montaggio / editing       Goran Vukik

musica / music      Aleksandar Pejovski

tecnico del suono / sound editor       Igor Popovski

costumi / costume designer       Elena Vangelovska, Maja Dimovska

cast        Marija Blagoevska, Maja Veljkovik, Ljupka Dzundeva, Kiril Psaltirov

genere / genre       Drama

produzione / production        Avea Film, Quasar Film

distribuzione / distribution         Marija Apchevska


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