Volk i baran

Russia | 2013 | HD digital | 9′

The story is about one wolf and a sheep, which communicate under pressure of instincts. Who is stronger wins, but not for a long time. A wise observer and the time changes their relationships.


regista / director       Nataliya Grebenkina

sceneggiatura / screenplay         Natalia Grebenkina

fotografia / cinematographer       Natalia Grebenkina

montaggio / editing       Natalia Grebenkina

musica / music        Alexey Pankratov                                              

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Alexey Pankratov                                                 

genere / genre             Animation

produzione / production        School-Studio “SHAR” 

distribuzione / distribution          School-Studio “SHAR”


Tant de forêts

France | 2014 | HD | col. 3′

This poem denounces the destruction of forests to make paper pulp, but paper is used to alert people about the threats of deforestation.


regista / director         Burcu Sankur and Geoffrey Godet

suono / sound       5.1

cast           Jacques Gamblin

genere / genre          Animation

produzione / production           Tant Mieux Prod

distribuzione / distribution         Autour de Minuit




Shlyapnaya teoriya

Russia | 2014 | HD digital | 4′

It is the story of confrontation between society and a man in a hat, who keeps wearing it no matter what.


regista / director     Asya   Strelbitskaya

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Asya Strelbitskaya

fotografia / cinematographer     Asya Strelbitskaya

montaggio / editing        Asya Strelbitskaya

musica / music      Katya Miller                                             

tecnico del suono / sound editor       Mark Miller                                               

genere / genre       Animation

produzione / production      School-Studio “SHAR”

distribuzione / distribution        School-Studio “SHAR”



 Norway | 2013 | DCP 2k | col. 13′

When Idunn stays home alone for the first time, her brother Even has big plans for her. Even thinks that his sister is the biggest sissy on the planet. This ordinary winter day will be the scariest day in Idunn’s life, but arethings as scary as they seem? And who is really the biggest sissy?


regista / director       Siri Rutlin Harildstad    

sceneggiatura / screenplay       Birgitte Bratseth

fotografia / cinematographer       Charles Curran

montaggio / editing         Mirja Melberg

musica / music      Christian Wibe                                    

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Erik Røed

costumi / costume designer           June Myrèn

scenografia / set decoration         Kristina Aurvaag

cast          Line Verndal, Ella Lockert, Fredrik Grøndahl                                                      

genere / genre        Comedy

produzione / production       Pang Produksjoner AS


United States | 2014 | 6′

An eccentric inventor realizes he may not be a perfect father so one day he tries to make one.


regista / director       Natalie Labarre

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Natalie Labarre                                                             

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Aaron Hughes

suono / sound        Stereo

genere / genre        Comedy

produzione / production           Natalie Labarre




Out of this world

 2014 | HD, MOV | 10′

Rizwan, 12, adores his siblings. Life at home is full of love, but when the filthy tuel tankers arrive, he gets busy. Here, next to Pakistan’s second largest oil depot, children crawl inside the dark interior of diesel tanks, in spite of the extremely carcinogenic fumes. Out of this world follows Rizwan’s thoughts and dreams, and takes us inside his hazardous workplace. Like a kid astronaut from a forsaken universe he climbs down, doing a claustrophobic job in an industry that’s key to our economy, that’s using child labour in an extreme way.


regista / director       Viktor Nordenskiöld

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Viktor Nordenskiöld

fotografia / cinematographer        Viktor Nordenskiöld

montaggio / editing         Petter Brundell

musica / music        Martin Landquist                                        

cast        Mohammad Rizwan                                                                      

genere / genre       Documentary

produzione / production       FreetownFilms AB    

distribuzione / distribution      The Swedish Film Institute


O canto dos 4 caminhos

Portugal | 2014 | HD | 12′

A long time ago, Tião, the corn field keeper, lost by his fault, the company of an azure-winged magpie to whom, unwillingly, he had become attached.Since that day when silence filled the fields, Tião searches for that bird’s lost song.


regista / director       Nuno Amorim

sceneggiatura / screenplay         Nuno Amorim

fotografia / cinematographer       Nuno Amorim

montaggio / editing           Nuno Amorim

musica / music            Eduardo Raon                                               

tecnico del suono / sound editor       Nuno Amorim, Eduardo Raon

suono / sound            Stereo

genere / genre        Animation

produzione / production        ANIMAIS AVPL

distribuzione / distribution         AGENCIA – Portuguese Short Film Agency




Min vän Lage

Sweden | 2013 | col. 12′

Animal Friends is based on the books A Bird Day, I´m Running Away ! and My Friend Lage by Eva Lindström. Animal Friends is aimed particularly fort tiny tots, first cinema-visitors. We leave home! The three films are connected by the same theme; the main characters assertion of their own way. Animal Friends tells about longing away, longing for something else? To leave and then finally find a way home again? Or, as in Lage’s case, to teach people how to fly.


regista / director       Ewa Lindstorm

genere / genre         Animation



Les quatre sans cou

France | 2015 | HD | col. 3′

Maybe the four neck-less do not have good heads on their shoulders but they know how to cook. These fine gourmets like to share a banquet. Confronted with these head chefs, their guest will keep a cool head.


regista / director        Alix Fizet                       

montaggio / editing          Thomas Belair

musica / music      Julien Divisia           

suono / sound           5.1                                       

cast          Jacques Gamblin                                                       

genere / genre          Animation

produzione / production        Tant Mieux Prod

distribuzione / distribution       Autour de Minuit


Les oiseaux du souci

France | 2014 | HD | col. 3′

In this Jacques Prevert poem, the character tries to mourn her beloved.


regista / director       Marie Larrivé, Camille Authouart

suono / sound       5.1

genere / genre          Animation

produzione / production       Tant Mieux Prod

distribuzione / distribution           Autour de Minuit