Italy | 2013 | DCP | col. 103′

Angelo walks immersed in the grey winter of an unknown small town. Unloved and without work, he spends his empty days in some dingy bar on the outskirts of the town, with his daydreams of the most banal normality. Peppino, his father, has never shown interest in his son, being an old man aware to have not much time left to live. After his wife’s death, Peppino notes Angelo, his son, and he realizes that he doesn’t even know who he is. Perfidia is the story of a father and a son that get closer when it is already too late, it is the story of characters left to their own devices in a complete loneliness, in a pitiless and hopeless world, where there are no good or bad people.


regista / director        Bonifacio Angius

sceneggiatura / screenplay         Bonifacio Angius, Fabio Bonfanti, Maria Accardi

fotografia / cinematographer       Pau Castejón Ubeda

montaggio / editing        Tommaso Gallone

musica / music       Carlo Doneddu

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Piero Fancellu

costumi / costume designer        Luisella Pintus

scenografia / set decoration       Luca Noce

cast           Stefano Deffenu, Mario Olivieri, Noemi Medas, Alessandro Gazale, Andrea Carboni, Domenico Montixi

genere / genre          Fiction

produzione / production     Movie Factory (Francesco Paolo Montini)

distribuzione / distribution        Il Monello Film


Poland | 2014 | HD | color | 7′

A narrated animation in the form of a journal produced as a combination of drawings and graphics. An attempt to find visual equivalents for decomposition and mental deconstruction of personality/person as well as to show desperate efforts aiming at its reconstructing, merging. It’s a peculiar game of graphic representations of mental states which accompany daily struggle with reality, including questions such as: “who am I?, “what do I consist of?”.



regista / director     Marcin Wojciechowski

sceneggiatura / screenplay           Marcin Wojciechowski

fotografia / cinematographer    Marcin Wojciechowski

montaggio / editing     Marcin Wojciechowski

musica / music  electrons

suono / sound   Dolby SR

genere / genre    animazione / animation

produzione / production   Fundacja Anima Art.

distribuzione / distribution   Krakow Film Foundation



The Repairman

Italy | 2014 | Redcode RAW | col. 89′

Scanio Libertetti, a failed engineer who earns a living repairing coffee machines, attends a speed awareness course in a small provincial town in the hills of Northern Italy. When asked to explain the circumstances that led to his speeding fine, he rewinds a little too far, launching into a story as long as a film about his life over the past year. Enter the childhood friends who are always so ready to criticize him; the uncle who’s constantly encouraging him to sort his life out; and the reassuring presence of Helena, a young English girl who’s moved to Italy as a consultant in Human Resources and seems to be the only person who understands him. For a while, at least.


regista / director      Paolo Mitton

sceneggiatura / screenplay       Paolo Mitton

fotografia / cinematographer        David Rom

montaggio / editing        Enrico Giovannone, Matteo Paolini

musica / music        Alan Brunetta, Ricky Mantoan

tecnico del suono / sound editor       Mirko Guerra

costumi / costume designer        Anna Filosa

scenografia / set decoration         Francesco Boerio, Eleonora Di Leo

cast             Daniele Savoca, Hannah Croft, Paolo Giangrasso, Francesca Porrini, Fabio Marchisio, Irene Ivaldi, Beppe Rosso, Alessandro Federico, Elena Griseri, Fabrizio Tomatis, Barbara Mazzi, Lorenzo Bartoli, Carlo Nigra, Marco Bifulco, Michele Costabile, Gianluca Guastella, Francesca Maria, Alba Porto, Ettore Scarpa

genere / genre          Fiction

produzione / production         Aidia Productions

distribuzione / distribution           Ufficio Stampa Lionella Bianca Fiorillo



Short Skin

Italy | 2014 | col. 86′

Ever since he was a child, Edoardo has suffered from foreskin malformation which makes him insecure and clumsy with girls. Now he is seventeen years old. Edoardo is always more bothered by the surrounding world’s pressures that do nothing but worsen his insecurities.


regista / director         Duccio Chiarini

sceneggiatura / screenplay        Duccio Chiarini, Ottavia Maddeddu, Marco Pettenello, Miroslav Mandic

fotografia / cinematographer        Baris Özbiçer

montaggio / editing        Roberto Di Tanna

musica / music        Woodpigeon

tecnico del suono / sound editor          Iacopo Pineschi, Davide Favargiotti

costumi / costume designer          Ginevra De Carolis

scenografia / set decoration          Ilaria Fallacara

cast            Matteo Creatini, Francesca Agostini, Nicola Nocchi,  Miriana Raschillà, Bianca Ceravolo

genere / genre         Comedy

produzione / production    La Règle du Jeu

distribuzione / distribution        Good Films

Senza Nessuna Pietà

Italy | 2014 | col. 92

Mimmo would like to be just a bricklayer, as he prefers to build palaces rather than breaking bones. But retrieving credits, by hook or by crook, is part of his job, at least according to Mr. Santili, his uncle and employer. Mimmo lives in a pitiless world where there is no respect for rules or roles, if you want to survive without any problem: whether it is right or wrong, it is the only way he knows. Everything changes when he bumps into Tanya, a wonderful girl that will share with him the desire to escape from a sealed fate. But there is no way to hope for a new life without coming to terms with the past.



regista / director        Michele Alhaique

sceneggiatura / screenplay        Andrea Garello, Emanuele Scaringi, Michele Alhaique

fotografia / cinematographer       Ivan Casalgrandi

montaggio / editing        Tommaso Gallone

musica / music        Luca Novelli, Yuksek

tecnico del suono / sound editor       Alessandro Bianchi

costumi / costume designer         Mariano Tufano

scenografia / set decoration        Sonia Peng

cast         Pierfrancesco Favino, Greta Scarano, Claudio Gioè, Adriano Giannini, Ninetto Davoli

genere / genre        Drama

produzione / production      Lungta Film, Pko e Rai Cinema

distribuzione / distribution          BIM



Italy, Mexico | 2013 | 35mm | col. 98′

Medeas is an intimate portrait of a rural family’s inner lives and their relationship to a harsh and shifting landscape. Ennis, a stern, hard-working dairy farmer struggles to maintain control of his family and surrounding environment, while his wife, Christina, retreats into herself, progressively disconnecting from him and their five children. As tensions increase, each character must confront their own yearnings and anxieties, culminating in a dangerous conflict between control and freedom, intimacy and alienation. A journey into the unpredictable boundaries of human behavior, Medeas explores the desperate lengths people are driven to by love and self- preservation.


regista / director      Andrea Pallaoro

sceneggiatura / screenplay         Andrea Pallaoro, Orlando Tirado

fotografia / cinematographer          Chayse Irvin

montaggio / editing         Arndt Peemoeller, Isaac Hagy

costumi / costume designer       Aubrey Binzer

scenografia / set decoration        Matt Hyland

cast         Catalina Sandino Moreno, Brían F. O’Byrne, Knight, Jake Vaughn, Patrick Birkett, Angel Amaral, Tara Buck

genere / genre          Drama

produzione / production         Varient Pictures, Menta Investments

distribuzione / distribution           Jour2fete


Last Summer

Italy | 2014 | 94′

A young Japanese woman has four days to say goodbye to her six year old son, whom she has lost custody of, on board a yacht of the wealthy western family of her ex-husband. Only with the crew, who have been asked to keep an eye on her , the woman faces the challenge of finding once again a connection with the child before they must separate for many years.


regista / director       Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli

sceneggiatura / screenplay        Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli, Igort

fotografia / cinematographer      Gianfilippo Corticelli

montaggio / editing      Monika Willi

musica / music        Asaf Sagiv

tecnico del suono / sound editor       Daniela Bassani, Marzia Cordò, Stefano Grosso

costumi / costume designer      Milena Canonero

scenografia / set decoration         Milena Canonero

cast          Rinko Kikuchi, Yorick Van Wageningen, Lucy Griffiths, Larua Sofia Bach, Daniel Ball, Ken Brady

genere / genre        Drama

produzione / production       Jean Vigo Italia

distribuzione / distribution         Bolero Film



A Questo Punto…

Italy | 2014 | ProRes 422, FULL HD | col. 19′

Enrico is shocked by the sudden loss of his friend and buddy Paolo. He goes to his dead friend’s house where he finds the widow and a friend of him, the priest Don Cristiano for his last goodbye to Paolo. As soon as the priest and Enrico are left alone with the corpse, it turns out that Paolo is alive and that it was all just a swindle…


regista / director      Antonio Losito

sceneggiatura / screenplay     Antonio Losito

fotografia / cinematographer     Francesco Ciccone

montaggio / editing       Francesco Ciccone

musica / music        Claudio Recchia

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Federico Tummolo

suono / sound       OPTICAL

costumi / costume designer       Isaura Bruni

scenografia / set decoration       Daniele Frabetti

cast       Pietro De Silva, Patrizia Loreti, Alberto Patelli, Gianni Cannavacciulo, Roberto D’Alessandro, Antonio Losito, Fabrizio Catarci, Veronica Liberale.

genere / genre       Fiction

produzione / production       Losito

distribuzione / distribution       Losito


I resti di bisanzio

Italy | 2014 | DCP | col. 82′

C is not stimulated by everyday life and shares this malaise with two friends, S, a musician, and R, an ex-petrol pump attendant who lives an apathetic life between the stripped walls of his abode. This year C has been stealing fuel to realise his dream of burning the present day that doesn’t belong to him. C has continuous incendiary visions which are fleeting and powerless because they are only imagined by his mind and painted by his eyes. Meanwhile, three “tourists” arriving at the shore of the Adriatic get lost in the Capo di Leuca between abandoned, historical places, architectural ruins and the remains of a society. Whilst a cultural terrorist, locked in an old coastal tower, puts together words that perhaps no one will ever read.


regista / director      Carlo Michele Schirinzi

sceneggiatura / screenplay        Carlo Michele Schirinzi

fotografia / cinematographer        Carlo Michele Schirinzi

montaggio / editing        Carlo Michele Schirinzi, Andrea Facchini

musica / music       Gabriele Panico

tecnico del suono / sound editor        Valentino Gianni

costumi / costume designer       Carlo Michele Schirinzi

scenografia / set decoration         Carlo Michele Schirinzi

cast                   Stefano De Santis, Salvatore Bello, Fulvio Rifuggio, Aldo Immacolato, Guido Casciaro, Claudio Riso, Romano Sambati, Mariangela Lia, Marcello Ciullo, Imperia Bartolomeo, Giancarlo Caprioli, Luigi Schirinzi

genere / genre            Fiction

produzione / production        Kama soc. coop. a.r.l. / Gianluca Arcopinto


The Cause

United Kingdom | 2013 | HD | col. 13′

Sometime in the near future. Somewhere is mid-revolution. An activist mother and her photographer son are trapped together in a bunker. A last chance to heal a lifelong rift – he’s always suspected that she put her political principals before him. But now she’s dying, and he finally sees that her love for him is stronger than any belief she’s fought and is dying for… but something goes wrong.


regista /  director     Marco De Luca

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Stuart Thomas

fotografia / cinematographer      Cristian Mantio

montaggio / editing      Valentina Massimi

musica / music      James W. Wilkie

tecnico del suono / sound editor     Lois Jones

costumi / costume designer     Lucille Acevedo Jones

scenografia / set decoration      Carlos Fontanarrosa

cast         Carey Lowell, Dan Ritchie

genere / genre       Fiction

produzione / production       Webra Multimedia

distribuzione / distribution      Webra Multimedia