Pensavo fosse amore… invece era un calesse

Italia / Italy 1991, Panoramico XXX, col., 106′
Tommaso is a restaurateur, Cecilia owns a bookshop nearby, they live together and they seem in love. However on the eve of their wedding, organised by Amedeo, a Tommaso’s intellectual friend, she refuses to get married, accusing Tommaso of laziness and betrayals. Tommaso is overcome with grief, he waffles on with Amedeo, ignores the crush his friend’s sister, Chiara, who tries to poison him for love, has on him and, when he finds out that his ex -fiancée has a relationship with an other man, Enea, he consults a witch. At the end the protagonists come back together and restart organising the wedding again, however on the wedding day Tommaso does not show up. He sends a letter to Cecilia asking her to meet in a bar, where she arrives wearing her wedding dress. Here he tells her that men and women are not made for getting married.[:]


Regia / Director
Massimo Troisi
soggetto, sceneggiatura / subject, screenplay
Anna Pavignano, Massimo Troisi
fotografia / cinematographer
Camillo Bazzoni
montaggio / editing
Angelo Nicolini
musica / music
Pino Daniele
scenografia / set decoration
Francesco Frigeri
Francesca Neri, Massimo Troisi, Marco
Messeri, Angelo Orlando
genere / genre
commedia / comedy
produzione / production
G. Daniele, M. e V. Cecchi Gori per
Esterno Mediterraneo
distribuzione / distribution
Penta Film COLORE
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