Il papà di Giovanna

Italia / Italy 2008, 35mm, col., 104′
Bologna, 1938. Michele Casali is in a desperate situation. Giovanna, his only daughter and still a teenager, killed out of jealousy her classmate and best friend. The upper-class environment of which they’re part of, is shook up with emotion and disbelief. The girl manages to avoid prison, but she is declared clinically insane and confined in a psychiatric hospital in Reggio Emilia. There she will stay up until the age of 24 (1945). During this time of isolation, her father, who has moved to Reggio from Bologna where he taught art at the “Liceo Galvani”, is the only person who takes care of her. Giovanna is a girl with serious mental issues, and she looks a lot like her father. Since when she was little, Michele would always try to reassure her and help her overcome her weaknesses by teaching her to demand anything she wanted from anybody.[:]


Regia / Director
Pupi Avati
soggetto, sceneggiatura / screenplay, subject
Carla Giulia Casarini, Ugo Chiti,
Francesco Nuti
fotografia / cinematographer
Maurizio Calvesi
montaggio / editing
Ugo De Rossi
musica / music
Riccardo Galardini, Giovanni Nuti
costumi / costume designer
Enrico Serafini
scenografia / set decoration
Virginia Vianello
Francesco Nuti, Francesca Neri, Agathe
De La Fontaine, Marina Giulia Cavalli,
Giorgio Palombi
genere / genre
commedia / comedy
produzione / production
Medusa Film, FrancescAndrea s.r.l.,
distribuzione / distribution
Universal Pictures