Carne tremula

Spagna, Francia / Spain, France 1997, 35mm, col., 100′
Five characters and one city, Madrid. Victor, born 20 years earlier in a bus, shows up in Heléna’s home, with whom he had his first sexual relationship. But Heléna is waiting for a pusher and tells him to leave. Enraged, Victor wrestles the gun from her; in the process Elena gets knocked out, and the gun goes off. The shot draw the attention of a neighbor, who calls the police: thus two police men arrive and from the struggling one of the two, David, remains injured from a bullet shoot by his colleague’s gun (Sancho). Therefore, Victor is accused for this criminal action. Two years later Victor, coming out of jail, has a relationship with Sancho’s wife and then with Heléna, meanwhile married with David.[:]


Regia / Director
Pedro Almodovar
soggetto / subject
Ruth Rendell
sceneggiatura / screenplay
Pedro Almodóvar, Jorge
Guerricaechevarría, Ray Loriga
fotografia / cinematographer
Affonso Beato
montaggio / editing
Josè Salcedo
musica / music
Alberto Iglesias
costumi / costume designer
José María De Cossío
scenografia / set decoration
Antxón Gómez
Francesca Neri, Angela Molina, Liberto
Rabal, Javier Bardem
genere / genre
commedia / comedy
produzione / production
El Deseo S.A., Ciby 2000, France 3
distribuzione / distribution
Medusa Film
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