Le doigt d’honneur

Switzerland | 2013 | ProRes422HQ | col. 14′

Theodore, Jeanne and Gabriel are gathered in the family living room for their father’s funeral. What could they possibly invent to help them remove his expensive ring, stuck on his middle finger? Each rival in imagination, until …


regista / director     Malika Pellicioli

sceneggiatura / screenplay       Malika Pellicioli

fotografia / cinematographer       Gabriel Lobos

montaggio / editing        Juliette Alexandre

musica / music        Nicolas Rabaeus

tecnico del suono / sound editor        Julien Cariteau

costumi / costume designer       Laïla Qarbal

scenografia / set decoration        Malika Pellicioli

cast       Julien George, Viviana Aliberti, Michel Rossi

genere / genre        Fiction

produzione / production      ECAL

distribuzione / distribution      ECAL


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