Cactus et Sac à Puces

France | 2013 | 5′

The sheriff of the city doesn’t know how to declare his love to Simona. He writes pathetic letters. So he goes to ask for some help of old acquaintances but they rather draw him into troubles, even Rodrigue the carrot juice dopy rabbit, or Apukati, the corrupt Indian wise person.


regista / director     Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, Samuel Rozenbaum

montaggio / editing      Julie Rembauville

musica / music     Samuel Rozenbaum

tecnico del suono / sound editor     Bruno Gigarel

cast        Martial Le Minoux, Maureen Dor, Ørn Gudmundarson, Raphäl Yem, Stéphane Bernasconi, Yohann Pédeboscq

genere / genre        Animation


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