Una domenica notte

Italia / Italy 2012, DCP – color, 90′
In his middle-age, Antonio Colucci believes, as often happens, to give an account of our own lives. His dream of becoming a ‘genre’ film director, even though the Italian market for this has transformed, has never faded away completely. Rather, he has always harbored this dream inside of him. So he decides to find the resources to shoot a screenplay at a very low budget, taking advantage of the fact that his story is based on one single charactger and one single location. He will discover in this research that the horror that surrounds him is much more striking than the horror movie that the wants to shoot.


Regia / Director
Giuseppe Marco AlbanoSceneggiatura / Screenplay
Antonio Andrisani e Giuseppe Marco Albano

Fotografia / Cinematographer
Francesco Di Pierro

Montaggio / Editing
Francesco De Matteis

Tecnico del suono / sound Editor
Federico Tummolo

Musica / Music
Populous, Brunori SaS

Suono / Sound
Dolby SR

Costumi / Costume
Maria SabatoScenografia / Set Designer
Antonio Petrozza

Antonio Andrisani, Francesca Faiella, Claudia Zanella, Alfio Sorbello, Anna Ferruzzo, Ernesto Mahieux

Genere / Genre
Commedia / Comedy

Produzione / Production
Angelo Viggiano – Camarda Film

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