Italia / Italy 2011, 35 mm, 84′
August. Rome is almost abandoned, and Nina moves to Eur, an unknown neighborhood to her, to take care of Omero, a depressed dog belonging to his best friend’s parents.
Nina will have a series of encounters, often with strange characters, such as the professor De Luca, Marta, to which Nina gives singing lessons, or the cellist Fabrizio, all people that will lead her to a path of growth and self-knowledge.


Regia / Director
Elisa FukasSceneggiatura / Screenplay
Elisa Fukas, Valia Santella

Fotografia / Cinematographer
Michele D’Attanasio

Montaggio / Editing
Eleonora Cao, Natalie Cristiani

Tecnico del suono / sound Editor
Alessandro Bianchi

Musica / Music
Andrea Mariano

Suono / Sound
Dolby Digital

Costumi / Costume
Grazia ColombiniScenografia / Set Designer
Carmine Guarino

Diane Fleri, Luca Marinelli, Ernesto Mahieux, Luigi Catani, Marta Adami, Paolo Adolfi, Rossana

Genere / Genre
Drammatico / Drammatic

Produzione / Production
Magda Film, Paco Cinematografica in collaborazione con Rai Cinema

distribuzione / distribution

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