Piazza delle cinque lune

On the eve of his retirement, Judge Saracini is approached by an unknown man who claims to be one of the Red Brigade terrorists of the Via Fani massacre (the street in Rome where Christian Democrat statesman Aldo Moro was kidnapped in 1978). The stranger gives him a Super8 reel…


Director: Renzo Martinelli
Screenplay: Renzo Martinelli – Fabio Campus
Cinematography: Blasco Giurato
Music: Paolo Buonvino
Cast: D. Sutherland, G. Giannini, S.Rocca, A.Cerami, G. Wise
Format: 35 Mm.
Duration: 123’
Production: Martinelli Film Company Int.(I)
Distribution: Luce

Renzo Martinelli is a foreign language graduate who specialized in cinematography at the Scuola Superiore di Comunicazioni Sociali of Università Cattolica in Milan.

In the 70’s he set up a production company and began working as a film director for Italian State Television, covering current affairs. In the same period he was also shooting music videos for popular artists such as Alice, Battiato, Van Halen, Lucio Dalla, Umberto Tozzi, Pino Daniele, Alan Parson, Rockets. At the end of the 80’s he worked extensively in advertising, becoming one of the best-known directors in Italy. He created commercials for Carrera Jeans, Ballantine’s, Sony, Opel Vectra, Dreher beer, Montenegro liquor, Aspirina and ENI, and also for “Pubblicità Progresso” (Government body producing commercials on social and health issues).

Both as a director and producer, he has made more than 100 documentaries, many of them in an artistic style, such as Giulio Romano (on the construction of Palazzo Tè in Mantua), La Reggia dei Gonzaga, Il Duomo di Milano, to mention just a few.

His debut in cinema was in 1993 with Sarahsarà, the true story of a black girl who, despite being physically handicapped is an extraordinary swimmer. Her dream is to take part in the Capri-Napoli competition, the most exhausting long-distance swimming race in the world. In 1997 he shot Porzus, the story of the 1945 massacre among fellow-partisans in Italy. The film was hailed as one of the most interesting movies of the year at Venice Film Festival. In 2001 Martinelli directed and produced Vajont, recalling the tragic collapse of a dam that killed 2000 people on 9th October 1963.

Vajont was awarded the “Grolla d’Oro” by the audience at Saint Vincent. He has also been awarded the “David di Donatello” by Italian schools and the “Globo d’Oro” by the foreign press for best direction, as well as the Nastro d’Argento and the “Ciak d’Oro” went to Leo Gullotta as best supporting actor.

Vajont also grossed about 465 million euro, the third top box office hit in Italy for 2001.

On the eve of his retirement, judge Saracini is approached by a stranger who tells him he was a member of the Red Brigade terrorists of via Fani massacre (the street in Rome where Christian Democrat statesman Aldo Moro was kidnapped in 1978). The stranger gives him a Super8 film that contains the images (partly already well-known) of Moro’s kidnapping and of the massacre of his escort, shot from above. That very night the stranger contacts the judge again. He knows where the original copy of Moro’s memoirs are kept and makes the judge a proposal: he will give him Moro’s memoirs in exchange for the judge’s full commitment to getting to the bottom of the case…


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