Sometimes the solution is in front of you, but you don’t see it…

Regia: Primo Dreossi, Raimondo Della Calce
Sceneggiatura: Primo Dreossi, Raimondo Della Calce
Fotografia: Primo Dreossi
Musica: Gianluca Vacha
Effetti visivi: Raimondo Della Calce
Formato: Betacam Sp
Durata: 9’
Produzione: Raimondo Della Calce, Primo Dreossi, Antonio Calò – via Paolo Anotonini 2/1,
16129 Genova – Italia Tel: +39 010 5955145 e-mail: ray@art5.it www.art5.it

Raimondo della Calce (Salerno 1973) has studied engineering and computer graphics. He edits the graphics and the direction of spots, shorts, video-clips and video-games. Lives in Genoa. Primo Dreossi (Turin 1943) works from 1971 as a photography director for film (Godetti, Sampietri), spot and industrial documentaries.


Sometimes the solution is in front of you, but you don’t see it. But when to the rigorous scientific experiments one adds the events causality, the results can be devastating. The story of a scientist, a bit crazy who manages to achieve his objective, with a little help from fort


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