Il dolce rumore della vita

Italia / Italy 1999, 35mm, col., 92′
Sofia is a young and unexperienced actress. She finds out that Bruno, her beloved acting teacher,is a homosexual. Broken-hearted, she decides to run away from him and jumps on a train. There she meets a girl who gives birth to her child and then abandons him. Sofia takes a decision that will change her life: she takes the child with her and pretends he’s her son, naming him Bruno. Five years later she meets her former teacher at the rearsals of a show and raises in him the suspicion that the child is his. Another ten years later, Sofia, who is now a successful actress, meets by chance Bruno’s real mother. She realizes that the time has come to let her meet the son she abandoned.[:]


Regia / Director
Giuseppe Bertolucci
soggetto sceneggiatura / subject, screenplay
Lidia Ravera, Mimmo Rafaele, Giuseppe
fotografia / cinematographer
Fabio Cianchetti
montaggio / editing
Federica Lang
musica / music
Bevano Est
costumi / costume designer
Grazia Colombini
scenografia / set decoration
Gianni Silvestri
Francesca Neri, Rosalinda Celentano,
Rade Serbedzija, Niccolò Senni, Alida
genere / genre
commedia / comedy
produzione / production
Letizia Cinematografica, Medusa
distribuzione / distribution
Medusa Distribuzione
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