Toby Fell-Holden

Regno Unito / United Kingdom 2015, HD, 17’

In un quartiere in cui dilaga l’odio razziale, una ragazza si innamora di un’immigrata, vittima di infamia e pregiudizi.

In a neighborhood rife with racial tension, a local girl falls for a recent immigrant who is the victim of prejudice and shame.

sceneggiatura / screenplay

Toby Fell-Holden

fotografia / cinematographer

Brian Fawcett

montaggio / editing

Matteo Bini

musica / music

Terrence Dunn

suono / sound

Rob Szeliga

costumi / costume designer

Ruka Johnson


Charlotte Beaumont, Genevieve Dunne, Umit Ulgen, Natalie Caswell, Simon Meacock, Mika Simmons, Hebe Beardsall

genere / genre


produzione / production

Clipside Films

distribuzione / distribution

Ouat Media



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