COM STAMPA 9 luglio

Saturday 9th July is the final day of ShorTS International Film Festival, which has been invading Trieste with 94 shorts, national and international premieres, 7 Italian debut features in competition, 3 workshops, 2 days of workshops with Andrea Segre – to whom the 2016 homage is also dedicated – cultural trails following cinematic locations and a focus on Hungarian cinema in collaboration with BuSho (Budapest Short Film Festival).

The festivals protagonists (juries, actors, directors) will come together at 11:30 to meet the public at Punto Enel in Galleria Tergesteo. These include, amongst others: Diane Fleri, Federico Spoletti, Marco Amenta, Marina Marzotto e Thomas Trabacchi, Matilda De Angelis, Elisa Fuksas Alessandro Corsetti, Alessandra Priante, Paul Baboudjian and Cecilia Dazzi.

There will then be a meeting at 15:00 with the producers from the Triveneto Crescere in rete, in collaboration with AGPCI, before the grand awards ceremony for this 17th edition of ShorTS takes place at 18:30 in Galleria Tergesteo.

To close the festival, Alì F. Mostafa’s Viaggio da paura will be screened for the first time in Trieste at 20:00 at Cinema Ariston.

A road trip movie set in the Middle East, it is a comedy designed to interest both the Arab public and also a wider audience. The film tells of how , going from Abu Dhabi to Beirut and passing through Syria, barely traversing the boundaries of different countries, the landscape and the culture change so much it’s at times radical. Born to a mother from London and a father from Dubai, Alì grew up in the United Arab Emirates. Following his passion for cinema, he studied for a Master’s in Cinema Production at the prestigious London Film School. His films have been screened at festivals all over the world, to much acclaim from both critics and audiences.


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