COM STAMPA 04.07.16

The week begins with ShorTS, Monday 4th July at 20:00, carrying on with the homage to Andrea Segre at Cinema Ariston. Come un uomo sulla terra, , a 2009 documentary in which the voices of African migrants talk for the first time on film about the way in which Libya is controlling migration fluxes from Africa, on behalf of and financed by Italy and Europe.

Staying at Cinema Ariston, at 21:30 the next film in the Nuove Impronte section, Cristian Cappucci’s feature film debut I talk otherwise, will be screened. I talk otherwise is a road movie in which we traverse Europe by from the perspective of the Danube. Shot across 8 countries and in 9 tongues, from West to East, from Capitalism to Communism, from the Black forest to the Black Sea, it is the story of the cultural fractures and contradictions of the land traversed by the great river. From its sources in Germany, passing through Austria and numerous countries from the former Eastern Bloc – Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania – and ultimately flowing into the Black Sea in a journey from the past to the future of Europe.

Our famous open-air big screen in Piazza Verdi, next to the splendid theatre, will screen twelve of the shorts in competition for the Maremetraggio section from 21:30.
In Todo lo demás, Laura and Miguel discover the limits of their love. Before the Bomb talks about Elsa, a young, ten-year-old girl, who takes control of the situation when local social services organize a visit that could separate her from her brother. 112, a tale about Christmas inspired by a true story. Yùl et le serpent, in which thirteen-year-old Yùl and his big brother Dino go to conclude an affair with Mike, a criminal accompanied by his Argentine Mastiff. When things start to go wrong, a mysterious serpent appears. This is followed by the Canadian short My Younger Older Sister, which tells the story of a girl who suffers a crisis at her 19th birthday party when she realises that she’s about to surpass the age her older sister was when she died at the age of 18. Then comes The Haircut, set in 1976: Amy is amongst the first class of female cadets accepted into military academy; finding it difficult to survive her first day, she combats sexism, self-doubt and struggles to prove that she has what it takes to make it.
Hoe Ky Niels Werd talks about the search for one’s own identity and the right to be yourself; it talks about gender, hormones and other similarly complicated concepts. In Beach Flags, Vida finds herself face to face with an unexpected problem.
5 segundos tells the story of Carlo, who has prepared a surprise for his wife because he wants to apologise for an argument they had a few days ago.
In the short Rabie chetwy, Nour, a student who lives alone with her father and suffers a crisis with the sudden onset of puberty. She becomes a woman, but she can’t tell her father. We then move to Iraq with The Iraqi Superman, in which a boy makes an ingenious piece of equipment in order to save his father from the prison in Abo Ghraib. What he finds upon entering however is very different from what he had been expecting, revealing the maltreatment and torture the prisoners suffer. The evening closes with the Spanish short Disco Inferno, where a hell minion is on a mission to save her boss, the Devil, who is however not ready to return to his daily routine.

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