Last Summer

Italy | 2014 | 94′

A young Japanese woman has four days to say goodbye to her six year old son, whom she has lost custody of, on board a yacht of the wealthy western family of her ex-husband. Only with the crew, who have been asked to keep an eye on her , the woman faces the challenge of finding once again a connection with the child before they must separate for many years.


regista / director       Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli

sceneggiatura / screenplay        Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli, Igort

fotografia / cinematographer      Gianfilippo Corticelli

montaggio / editing      Monika Willi

musica / music        Asaf Sagiv

tecnico del suono / sound editor       Daniela Bassani, Marzia Cordò, Stefano Grosso

costumi / costume designer      Milena Canonero

scenografia / set decoration         Milena Canonero

cast          Rinko Kikuchi, Yorick Van Wageningen, Lucy Griffiths, Larua Sofia Bach, Daniel Ball, Ken Brady

genere / genre        Drama

produzione / production       Jean Vigo Italia

distribuzione / distribution         Bolero Film



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