I resti di bisanzio

Italy | 2014 | DCP | col. 82′

C is not stimulated by everyday life and shares this malaise with two friends, S, a musician, and R, an ex-petrol pump attendant who lives an apathetic life between the stripped walls of his abode. This year C has been stealing fuel to realise his dream of burning the present day that doesn’t belong to him. C has continuous incendiary visions which are fleeting and powerless because they are only imagined by his mind and painted by his eyes. Meanwhile, three “tourists” arriving at the shore of the Adriatic get lost in the Capo di Leuca between abandoned, historical places, architectural ruins and the remains of a society. Whilst a cultural terrorist, locked in an old coastal tower, puts together words that perhaps no one will ever read.


regista / director      Carlo Michele Schirinzi

sceneggiatura / screenplay        Carlo Michele Schirinzi

fotografia / cinematographer        Carlo Michele Schirinzi

montaggio / editing        Carlo Michele Schirinzi, Andrea Facchini

musica / music       Gabriele Panico

tecnico del suono / sound editor        Valentino Gianni

costumi / costume designer       Carlo Michele Schirinzi

scenografia / set decoration         Carlo Michele Schirinzi

cast                   Stefano De Santis, Salvatore Bello, Fulvio Rifuggio, Aldo Immacolato, Guido Casciaro, Claudio Riso, Romano Sambati, Mariangela Lia, Marcello Ciullo, Imperia Bartolomeo, Giancarlo Caprioli, Luigi Schirinzi

genere / genre            Fiction

produzione / production        Kama soc. coop. a.r.l. / Gianluca Arcopinto


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