Svizzera / Switzerland 2013, HD, Dolby SRD, col., 9′
An obsessive mother, on the verge of a nervous breakdown. A father, carefully blotted out from all the family photos and a dreadful child psychiatrist with unconventional methods. This is the summary of young Hazel’s life, secretly attracted to boys…[:]


Regia / Director
Tamer Ruggli
sceneggiatura / screenplay
Tamer Ruggli
fotografia / cinematographer
René Schönenberger
montaggio / editing
Julie Lena, Amalia Becciolini
musica / music
Pierre Funck
tecnico del suono / sound editor
Nadja Gubser
costumi / costume designer
Jeanine Pauli, Tamer Ruggli
scenografia / set decoration
Anna Bucher
Maxime Mori, Manuela Biedermann,
Jacqueline Ricciardi, Judith Niethammer
genere / genre
produzione, distribuzione / production,
Tipi’mages Productions
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