Die letzte Grenze

Germania / Germany 2012, HD, Dolby SRD, col., 20′
A border guard tries to stop Europe from opening its borders and at the same time jeopardizes his secret love.[:]


Regia / Director
Daniel Butterworth
sceneggiatura / screenplay
Daniel Butterworth
fotografia / cinematographer
Thomas Radlwimmer
montaggio / editing
Michael Münch
musica / music
Michael Rother
tecnico del suono / sound editor
Berthold Kröker, Daniel Pharos, Simon
costumi / costume designer
Evelyn Straulino
scenografia / set decoration
Marcel Beranek
Johannes Silberschneider, Julia Gorr,
Matthias Breitenbach
genere / genre
produzione, distribuzione / production,
Butterworth & Steul Filmproduktion
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