Becoming an event that is as eco-sustainable and has a reduced impact on the environment as possible is the goal that ShorTS International Film Festival has set itself to achieve in coming years, aware of the topical nature of environmental issues and the need to take a stand on them.

This decision had already been made at the past Festival through the adoption of certain measures such as the reduction in the number of copies of printed materials and the focus on the use of recycled and sustainable materials. Now, for this new Festival too, ShorTS IFF is committed to pursuing these actions further by paying special attention to the choice of materials used (recycled or certified materials, reusable generic fitouts, useful and long-lasting hand-outs) and to the suppliers and companies involved that demonstrate the same attention as the Festival to environmental issues.

The prizes awarded to the winners of all sections, for example, will again this year be made by VUD, a local firm that respects the environment by using only solid European wood from certified sources and minimising waste by reusing every little scrap. The prizes are handmade from walnut from a garden in Trieste, treated with natural wax.

Fresh and organic fruit, as well as being the key feature of this year’s festival image, will also be the healthy and tasty snack to be offered to the young jurors of the Shorter Kids’n’Teens section during the two afternoon screenings at the Miela theatre thanks to the collaboration with a local farm.

The coffee offered to the guests will instead be that of Bazzara Caffè, official sponsor of the festival since 2022, a Trieste-based company committed to an increasingly ethical and sustainable production conversion process, which includes energy saving policies, giving value to human resources and the promotion of a new line of certified organic products.

The environment and nature will also be the key players in the new competition section Eco-ShorTS, a selection of shorts with an environmental theme, created precisely with the intent of offering a special, deliberately subjective view of certain aspects of our relationship with nature that are covered less by the various media and perhaps for this very reason more interesting and stimulating for audiences. A concentration of works that reflect and make us reflect on the delicate and complex relationship between humankind and the environment, placing at the centre of these short stories the sense of individual responsibility towards the community, both human and natural.

All the festival venues are also located in the city centre and are therefore easily accessible on foot, by bike sharing or by public transport. All directions on how to reach them can be found here.

Thanks to cooperation with AcegasAps Amga, recycling areas have been set up at all festival locations to encourage and guarantee proper waste separation.
Further information on waste management in Trieste can be found on the website of Trieste City Council and AcegasAps Amga.

ShorTS IFF is part of the Festival Green project of AFIC (Associazione Italiana Festival Cinematografici).