A total of 23 films coming from South Korea, USA, France, Spain, Italy – just to name a few of the countries where the films were produced – comprised of 11 works for the KIDS section and 12 for the TEENS, with as many as 12 Italian film premieres to be discovered, ranging between animation, fiction and documentary.

The 23 short films that the kids and teens will be able to enjoy and vote on are the result of a selection made by the team of Selecters, the group of very young film enthusiasts from primary and secondary schools in Trieste and Gorizia.

To become part of the jury for the Shorter Kids’n’Teens section, you must simply fill out this form (Italian only).

After completing the form, you will receive an email confirmation of your participation in the jury, and at that point all that remains is to attend the screenings on the 5th and 6th July at Teatro Miela.

KIDS / Teatro Miela / 5 July 2022 / 17:00

di / by Adrian Jaffé
Germania / Germany 2022

The Big Crunch
di / by Benjamin Botella
Francia / France 2020

Das fantastische Leben der Ms Bacon
The Fantastic Life of Ms. Bacon
di / by Florian Rudolph
Germania / Germany 2022

di / by Miyoung Baek
Corea del Sud / South Korea 2021

La primavera siempre vuelve
Spring Always Comes Back
di / by Alicia Núñez Puerto
Spagna / Spain 2021

Saka sy Vorona
Cat and Bird
di / by Franka Sachse
Germania / Germany 2021

The Sausage Run
di / by Thomas Stellmach
Germania, Belgio / Germany, Belgium 2021

El sueno de quino
Quino’s Dream
di / by Santiago Erlich
Spagna / Spain 2021

Temps de cochon
A Splash in a Mud
di / by Emmanuelle Gorgiard
Francia / France 2020

Ursa – Nordlysets Sang
Ursa – The Song of the Northern Lights
di / by Natalia Malykhina Bratli
Norvegia / Norway 2021

Meu nome  Maalum
My Name Is Maalum
di / by Luísa Copetti
Brasile / Brazil 2021

TEENS / Teatro Miela / 6 July 2022 / 17:00

À coeur perdu
Home of the Heart
di / by Sarah Saidan
Francia / France 2022

Las Americas ‘84
The Américas ‘84
di / by Marcos Gualda
Spagna / Spain 2021

The Ticket
di / by Kevork Aslanyan
Bulgaria 2021

The Black ReCat
di / by Paolo Gaudio
Italia / Italy 2022

First Love
di / by Beatrice Woo
Canada 2021

Frank & Emmet
di / by Carlos F. Puertolas
Stati Uniti d’America / United States of America 2021

Packing a Wave
di / by Edu Glez
Spagna / Spain 2021

di / by Miriam Muraca
Italia / Italy 2022

Poum Poum!
di / by Damien Tran
Francia / France 2021

Evergreen Forest
di / by Tommaso Diaceri
Italia / Italy 2021

Stars on the Sea
di / by Jang Seung-wook
Corea del Sud / South Korea 2021

Tree House
di / by Soo-min Park
Corea del Sud / South Korea 2022