Shorter Teens & Kids: section dedicated to kids and teens is back

A real “festival within a festival”, with two juries made up of kids aged 6 to 10 and teens aged 11 to 15, who this year
can take part from all over Italy.


A date online with two afternoons dedicated to shorts for kids and teens to be judged by the very young jury members of ShorTS 2020.

Little big cinema for little big jury members. The name is Shorter Kids’n’ Teens and it is the section of ShorTS International Film Festival dedicated to the very young, as part of the film event that this year is to arrive on the Web from 4 to 12 July 2020 from Trieste thanks to technical support from MYmovies.

A real “festival within a festival”, Shorter Kids’n’Teens is made up of two separate juries with child and teen members, aiming at spreading knowledge of the seventh art also to young audiences through a section devised especially for them within the historic Trieste event. Even in these difficult times, ShorTS International Film Festival wants the future generations to be able to continue to grow, cultivating their passions and interests with this event tailored to them, by offering an online version of this historic section that targets the very young and in which this year kids and teens from all over Italy can take part.

Once again this year the section is to be divided into two age groups, with two separate juries: the Kids section, dedicated to shorts for children aged 6 to 10, and the Teens section with works for those aged 11 to 15 years old. The youngsters themselves will make up the juries that are to decide on the winners of the section. The 2020 selection covers works from all over the world, ranging from animation to current event shorts and offering stories through which the children can enjoy laughter and emotions, fall in love and pause for thought.

The younger set this year can join in with Shorter Kids’n’ Teens from home, while still feeling part of a group and taking an active part in the project. Using the most sustainable delivery method, riders are to bring the young participants in the section the participation kit: a personalised pizza box, “pizza” also being the Italian word for the traditional can used to store film stock, containing the Festival t-shirt, the slip for voting their favourite short, a card for colouring and a gift offered by EstEnergy and Gruppo Hera, also main partners of the Festival this year.

The Shorter Teens selection is scheduled to be held online on MYmovies on Tuesday 7 July at 6 pm, where the young participants can watch free of charge the screening of shorts for teens aged 11 to 15 and vote for the best. On Wednesday 8 July at 6 pm it will be the turn of Shorter Kids: an afternoon of shorts for children aged 6 to 10, during which the young jury members will choose the winning short. Registering with the jury in order to take part in the event is via the Festival’s official website.

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