Shorter Kids ’n’ Teens

Ready to binge watch films?
Want to laugh, daydream, go on imaginary journeys?
Want to choose the winning short in the Shorter Kids’n’Teens section from among all those we selected for you from around the world?

If the answer’s “Yesssss!”, then register right now with the jury of the section of the Festival dedicated exclusively to younger viewers.

There are two events you can take part in – not sitting in the cinema but staying comfortably at home using a computer, smartphone or tablet to get onto the website, where the whole Festival is to be held because of coronavirus.

Depending on your age, you can enrol with the jury of the Shorter TEENS section (11-15 years old), in which the films can be seen on Tuesday 7 July at 6 pm, or the KIDS section (6-10 years old), scheduled for the day after, Wednesday 8 July at 6 pm.

Watch the shorts then choose the best one!

There’s more! If you live in Trieste, a rider will bring directly to your place a multicoloured cinema KIT, full of great things: a personalised pizza box (pizza is also the word in Italian for the traditional container used to keep films) with inside the Festival t-shirt, the slip for voting for the films, a card to be coloured in and a surprise gift offered by Estenergy and Gruppo Hera, main partners of ShorTS International Film Festival.

So, ready to binge watch Shorter Kids’n’Teens films?
Just fill in the form below.

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    Teens (11-15 anni) - 7 luglio (18.00, (6-10 anni) - 8 luglio (18.00,

    Il sottoscritto

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