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Merry Christmas to all of you from ShorTS International Film Festival!

ShorTS International Film Festival 2021: 
submissions to the 22° edition are now open

The event, to be held in Trieste July 2 – 10, 2021, opens submissions to its 22nd edition and announces prizes for a total value of 10.000,00 euro

Submissions to the 22nd edition of ShorTS International Film Festival, the well-established film event organised by Associazione Maremetraggio and scheduled from July 2 to 10, 2021 in Trieste, are now open.

After a challenging 2020 edition, held completely online last July, with excellent results both in terms of visibility and audience numbers which cannot be disregarded, ShorTS IFF has decided to totally rethink its structure while confirming its competitive key sections dedicated to short films such as Maremetraggio, Shorter Kids’n’Teens e ShorTS Virtual Reality. For its 2021 edition the festival also confirms the Last Chance section for short films of any genre which have been produced after January 2020 and with a maximum length of 10 minutes (including titles), which have not been awarded any prize yet. A maximum of 10 films will be included in the Maremetraggio section.

The long-established competitive section Maremetraggio is reserved to short films which have already been awarded at one or more international film festivals during 2020. The 5.000,00 Euro (fivethousand euro) prize for the Best Short Film has been confirmed and a new cash prize (3.000,00 Euro) to the Best Italian Short Film has been added.

The Shorter Kids’n’Teens section is dedicated to short films of any genre for the very young. Also this year, the section is going to be divided into two age groups, with two separate selection comittees and two juries formed by the youngsters themselves: the Kids section, dedicated to shorts for children aged 6 to 10, and the Teens launched for teenagers aged 11 to 15.

Lastly, ShorTS Virtual Reality the section entirely dedicated to short films produced in virtual reality, is back. The 2.000,00 Euro cash prize for Best Virtual Reality Short has been confirmed.

To enroll their film participants must use one of the following platforms:
Filmfreeway or Festhome .

The deadline for submissions is on or before February 28, 2021.

The winners of the 21st edition of ShorTS International Film Festival

The 21st ShorTS International Film Festival ended Sunday 12 July with the awards ceremony live from the studios of Telequattro in Trieste and streamed on MYmovies and on the official Facebook page. An extraordinary public success in this online version, with over 100 thousand viewings from all over Italy.

Extensive virtual participation from Lombardy, the region with most followers of the Festival online. In second place we find Friuli Venezia Giulia, followed by Veneto in third place. The shorts without Italian geo-localisation were seen from 13 different countries – alongside Italy, Algeria, Australia, Sweden, the UK, Honduras, Germany, the US, Nepal, Colombia, Argentina, Slovakia and Canada also took part virtually in the Trieste event.

This is the comment from director Chiara Valenti Omero and co-director Maurizio di Rienzo: “This online formula and visibility of the Festival, which came from a somewhat difficult decision yet one that was immediately seen to be necessary due to the world health crisis, in the end turned out to be a move we’re very pleased with thanks to the considerable increase in our audience. This is a result we want to reflect on in order to build the future of ShorTS as we believe we cannot step aside from this type of execution of screenings and interaction with the talents, to be placed alongside and correlated with the regained physical and tangible system of organising the Festival”.

The Trieste event has announced the 2020 winners in the various competition sections, confirming its commitment to seeking out new cinema scenarios.

Winners of the 21st ShorTS International Film Festival



(Jury: Assaf Machnes, Jukka-Pekka Laakso, Alessandra Pescetta)

EstEnergy-Gruppo Hera Award

Best short film:

She Runs by Qiu Yang (China, France 2019)

Reason: “The laboured breathing, psychological pressure and unspoken thoughts of a young athlete weigh down on the knees that want to stop running. The dilemma is whether to continue very reluctantly or disappoint the expectations of school and family. The acid tones of the splendid photography reflect the girl’s self-destructive thoughts and sublimate the tense and dramatic atmosphere.

With a subtle, poetic idiom, the director has succeeded in immersing viewers in a cross section of daily life with camera movements and frames that eliminate the superfluous and seem to bore right into the lead character, moving across her emotional state to reach the bone”. 

Special mention to:

Exam by Sonia K. Hadad (Iran, 2019)

Reason: “A special mention goes to a a film that combines a small but relevant story, excellent direction, meticulous editing and really great performance by its lead actress. A story of a young girl trapped between repressing society and exploitation by a parent gives us an insight into her life and lives of too many people alike.”

Special mention to:

Stay Awake, be Ready by Pham Thien An (Vietnam, South Korea, USA, 2019)

Reason: The special mention of the jury goes to Stay Awake, Be Ready for its original reflection of human condition. The film is both natural and staged, personal and alienated, zooming in by zooming out – following little pieces of life and its fragility. With this strange mix of contradictions, the film somehow manages to paint an effortless yet chaotic picture that leaves one thinking.”

AcegasApsAmga Award

Best short film:

Il primo giorno di Matilde by Rosario Capozzolo (Italy, 2019)

Reason: Given the high calibre of the shorts in competition the choice was not easy and demanded extensive discussion by the jury who were seen to be strongly engaged in selecting the winner. Nevertheless, the result at the end of voting was no surprise, with agreement by all jury members on the merits of the short which in fact has the ability to keep tensions high with a certain pathos and an understated, melancholic irony. It succeeded in tackling the delicate subject of the relationship between fathers and children, also subtly weaving in the issue of male identity crises.

To sum up, for the sensitivity and originality with which extremely profound subjects are depicted, the narrative technique which accompanies viewers in constant new perspectives, reassessing the characters as they are seen, and the dialogue which succeeds in being moving and raising a smile at the same time, right up to the finale, the AcegasApsAmga prize for the best Italian short goes to Il primo giorno di Matilde by Rosario Capozzolo.”

Prem1ere Film Award

Best short film film non distributed

Figurant by Jan Vejnar (France, Czech Republic, 2019)

AMC Award

Best Italian editing

Il nostro tempo by Veronica Spedicati (Italy, 2019)

Reason: “For the controlled and simple way it handles various levels of the narrative without indulging in gratification of form.”

Special mention to:

A colloquio con Rossella by Andrea Andolina (Italy, 2019)

Reason: For the way in which, through a planned and formally accurate approach on the sequence level, it succeeds in skilfully handling the narrative, carefully manipulating time and space.”

Trieste Caffè Award

Best short film voted by the public

Lost & Found by Andrew Goldsmith, Bradley Slabe (Australia, 2018)



(Jury: Anna Menini, Paola Rodari e Erika Rossi)

ESOF2020 Award

Best short film

Absence of Light by Beatrice Aliné (Germany, 2019)

Reason: “Thanks to skilful editing and use of the found footage technique, where the narrative construction is left to the processing of the sounds and images alone, Absence of light shows us the world through the eyes of Science. We see the macroscopic and the microscopic in their immense diversity and also in their co-existence. Nature, society and science interact and question viewers, leaving each one to form their own responses.”

Special mention to:

Story by Jola Bańkowska (Poland, 2019)

Reason: “With great inventive ability and simple and appealing graphics, Story underlines the inhuman and occasionally violent use of digital technology, showing us with considerable irony that there is no longer any certainty between where the screen ends and where the real world begins.”


(Jury: Fabio D’Innocenzo, Damiano D’Innocenzo, Elisabetta Olmi e Linda Caridi)

Nuove Impronte Award

Best film

Faith by Valentina Pedicini (Italy, 2019)

Reason: “For its piercing creativity and incredible focus, for having succeeded in narrating a dark story with glowing tenderness, promoting profound and passionate debate, the prize goes to Valentina Pedicini for Faith.”


Best production

Tony Driver by Ascanio Petrini, with Special Mention for “Tutto l’oro che c’è” by Andrea Caccia.

Reason: “The Premio Agici for Best Production goes to Dugong Films for Tony Driver by Ascanio Petrini, with Special Mention for Tutto l’oro che c’è by Andrea Caccia. As in every year, the aim of the prize is to find in the Nuove Impronte selection of ShorTS the film that has a well-structured production system that can add value to the subject and also launch a new directing talent on the international scene. Dugong is represented in the selection by two films, creative documentaries and both international co-productions with the support of regional, national and extra-national funds. Films for which the production practice has been excellent, with a preview at major European festivals and foreign sales assigned to top-level companies. Despite these difficult times, Tony Driver is screened in Italian cinemas, theatrical release with Wanted Cinema, from 26 June.”


Best screenplay

Faith by Valentina Pedicini (Italy, 2019)

Reason: “Valentina Pedicini’s project and film stand out through the vividness of the style and the symbolic power of the situation and extreme vocations, in which the director moves around without judging her sharply observed subjects and without superimposing a theory on the strength of the facts and characters, which can inspire an interesting fiction film.”


(Jury: Paola Casella, Adriano De Grandis, Sergio Sozzo)

Best feature film voted by the jury of the Italian Film Critics Union

Los fantasmas by Sebastiàn Lojo (Guatemala, Argentine 2020)

Reason: “For the way in which Guatemala City weaves in and out of the images, giving us the palpable perception of an unresolved anxiety which moves among the shadows, corners and roofs of the capital. Ghosts that are as pulsating and persistent as ever in an urban blues which instead gradually reveals itself to be a spiritual of rising up, in a free finale that opens up the heart and vision beyond the night and the tarmac.”

Special mention to:

The Trouble with Nature by Illum Jacobi (Denmark, France 2020)

Reason: “For the ability to narrate with subtle irony the divide between Nature and Culture through the contrast between two symbolic figures: the philosopher Edmund Burke, frosty and obsessed with pursuing the Sublime, and his maid, a native of humble origins yet with the great ability to live in harmony with her surroundings. For the discreet and wise handling of highly topical issues – social and ethnic inequality between individuals and classes, the relationship between humans and the environment and also that between men and women, rational thinking and innate spirituality”.

MYmovies AWARD

Best film voted by the public

The Trouble with Nature by Illum Jacobi (Denmark, France 2020)


Shorter Kids Award

Best short film

All in Good Time by Bonnie Dempsey (Ireland, 2018)

Shorter Teens Award

Best short film

Rain di Piotr Milczarek (Poland, 2019)

Cinema del Presente Award

Saverio Costanzo

Prospettiva Award

Giulio Pranno

ShorTS 2020 – Presentazione della 21a edizione

ShorTS International Film Festival: la 21° edizione arriva sul web dal 4 al 12 luglio 2020


ShorTS International Film Festival, organizzato dall’Associazione Maremetraggio, da Trieste arriva sul web dal 4 al 12 luglio 2020. La 21° edizione del Festival si svolgerà online grazie al supporto tecnico di MYmovies, sito leader in Italia nell’informazione cinematografica e partner tecnico di ShorTS 2020, nonché attraverso i canali ufficiali della manifestazione (Sito UfficialePagina FacebookInstagram).

I premi della 21° edizione

Saverio Costanzo, acclamato regista della serie tv “L’amica geniale”, riceverà il Premio Cinema del Presente 2020, un riconoscimento attraverso cui ShorTS International Film Festival conferma ed evidenzia lo straordinario talento del cineasta italiano. 

Nato a Roma nel 1975, Costanzo è uno degli autori più apprezzati del panorama cinematografico italiano. Tra i suoi film più noti, “La solitudine dei numeri primi”, tratto dall’omonimo romanzo di Paolo Giordano, che ha venduto oltre due milioni di copie in Italia ed è stato tradotto in più di trenta lingue, “Hungry Hearts” con protagonisti Alba Rohrwacher e Adam Driver, l’adattamento italiano di “In Treatment” Stagione 1, 2 e 3, l’omonima serie HBO e le prime due stagioni della serie Rai Fiction-HBO “L’amica geniale”, tratte dai primi due libri dell’omonima quadrifonia di Elena Ferrante edita in Italia da Edizioni E/O.

L’attore Giulio Pranno, giovane protagonista del film “Tutto il mio folle amore” di Gabriele Salvatores, sarà insignito del Premio Prospettiva, riconoscimento dedicato ai talenti emergenti del cinema italiano. Classe 1998, Giulio Pranno è nato a Roma ed è da sempre un grande amante del cinema. Supportato dai suoi genitori, all’età di 12 anni inizia a frequentare il teatro e se ne innamora immediatamente. 

Durante il liceo pratica corsi di recitazione e prende parte a spettacoli fino alle finali del Premio Hystrio 2018. Nello stesso anno il suo sogno di prendere parte ad un lungometraggio per il cinema si realizza quando, dopo una lunga selezione, viene scelto da Salvatores per interpretare il ruolo di Vincent, un ragazzo di 16 anni affetto da un grave disturbo della personalità, che segna il suo esordio cinematografico al fianco di Claudio Santamaria, Valeria Golino e Diego Abatantuono.

La Masterclass online di Saverio Costanzo e l’incontro con Giulio Pranno

Giovedì 9 luglio, inoltre, il regista Saverio Costanzo sarà protagonista di una Masterclass online. L’incontro, gratuito e aperto al pubblico, si svolgerà alle ore 18.00 in diretta streaming su MYmovies. “Durante la Masterclass online dialogheremo con Saverio Costanzo su ispirazioni e sviluppo del suo originale sguardo introspettivo di autore” – spiegano Maurizio di Rienzo e Chiara Valenti Omero, direttori di ShorTS International Film Festival – che focalizza sfumature drammaturgiche espresse da corpi e anime inquadrati in contesti ‘fuori dal mondo’: una famiglia palestinese ostaggio di una invasiva pattuglia israeliana (‘Private’, Pardo d’oro al Festival di Locarno 2005, Nastro d’Argento opera prima); un gesuita isolatosi fra dubbi e vocazione in un convento veneziano (‘In memoria di me’); il cerchio di solitudine e incomunicabilità che contiene paure, disillusioni, segreti in cui vivono per anni due anime infine gemelle (‘La solitudine dei numeri primi’); la casa-gabbia a New York in cui si agitano le psicologie educative di due giovani genitori (‘Hungry hearts’, Coppa Volpi alla Mostra di Venezia 2014 ai protagonisti Alba Rohrwacher e Adam Driver); lo studio di uno psicoterapeuta a sua volta in fase critica (le tre stagioni della serie ‘In treatment’); la Napoli colma di affettiva essenza femminile rielaborata con potente sensibilità oltre l’impianto letterario originario (le due stagioni della serie ‘L’amica geniale’). Sono luoghi di film dettagliati nell’architettura e aperti a emozioni estreme e nei quali risalta il connubio naturale fra interpretazioni notevoli e metronomica regia”. 

L’attore Giulio Pranno, vincitore del Premio Prospettiva 2020, sarà protagonista di un incontro online martedì 7 luglio alle ore 18.00  in diretta streaming sulla Pagina Facebook di ShorTS e su quella di MYmovies.

Incontro online con Elio Germano | Segnale d’allarme – La mia battaglia VR

Elio Germano sarà protagonista di una chiacchierata online in programma sulla Pagina Facebook di ShorTS lunedì 6 luglio alle ore 18.00, insieme al produttore e art director Omar Rashid. Durante l’incontro l’attore parlerà della sua carriera e racconterà “Segnale d’allarme”, la trasposizione in realtà virtuale realizzata con Omar Rashid de “La mia battaglia”, opera teatrale scritta da Chiara Lagani e portata in scena da Elio Germano stesso. “Segnale d’allarme” è un film in VR che parla alla e della nostra epoca, durante il quale lo spettatore viene condotto a piccoli passi a confondere immaginario e reale: un monologo coinvolgente che è al contempo un crescendo e una caduta verso il grottesco. Lo spettacolo VR “Segnale d’allarme” si terrà poi domenica 6 settembre 2020 al Teatro Miela di Trieste, in collaborazione con Mittelfest. La data a Trieste sarà una anticipazione degli spettacoli che si terranno nei giorni successivi allo storico Festival teatrale di Cividale del Friuli. 

Maremetraggio – Sezione competitiva cortometraggi

Torna la storica sezione Maremetraggio dedicata ai cortometraggi premiati nei maggiori festival internazionali, a cura di Francesco Ruzzier. La selezione 2020 vede concorrere 45 opere da 27 paesi diversi, mentre i generi spaziano dall’animazione al documentario, con molti registi italiani dietro la macchina da presa.

In gara il documentario breve “Mars, Oman” di Vanessa del Campo, premiato al Festival dei Popoli e al Visions du Réel, che racconta le simulazioni delle spedizioni su Marte realizzate in Oman nella Penisola arabica, o il corto cinese “She runs” di Qiu Yang, già Palma d’oro a Cannes 70 con “A Gentle Night”, selezionato in numerose rassegne internazionali, tra cui la Settimana della Critica a Cannes e il Toronto International Film Festival.

Tra le opere italiane in concorso “Inverno” di Giulio Mastromauro, premiato quest’anno come miglior cortometraggio ai David di Donatello: un racconto autobiografico di infanzia e di perdita, come il regista stesso dimostra con la dedica a sua madre. Arriva dall’Italia anche “La bellezza imperfetta” di Davide Vigore, che sceglie la fotografia di Daniele Ciprì per raccontare l’incontro tra un uomo di 65 anni e una giovane ragazza ucraina in una Palermo oscura. Il corto “Fulmini e saette” di Daniele Lince vede protagonista un’inedita Carolina Crescentini, qui alle prese con un ruolo da supereroina.

Le 45 opere in gara si contenderanno il prestigioso premio EstEnergy – Gruppo Hera al miglior corto consistente in 5000,00 €. In palio anche il premio AcegasApsAmga al miglior corto italiano, il Premio Prem1ere Film per il miglior cortometraggio non distribuito e il Premio AMC per il miglior montaggio italiano. Confermato inoltre il Premio Triestecaffè assegnato dal pubblico di MYmovies.

Appuntamento anche con la proiezione online di cortometraggi fuori concorso: il Festival propone quest’anno un focus-selezione di cinema breve dell’attiva Estonia, in collaborazione con l’Estonian Short Film Centre, che verrà proiettato in streaming su MYmovies domenica 12 luglio dopo la cerimonia di premiazione.

Science&Society: la nuova sezione di ShorTS 2020 in collaborazione con ESOF
Tra le novità dell’edizione 2020 del Festival ci sarà Science&Society, nuova sezione competitiva dedicata a corti provenienti da tutto il mondo che si contendono un premio di 3000,00 €  realizzata in collaborazione con ESOF2020 Trieste (EuroScience Open Forum), la più importante manifestazione europea focalizzata sul dibattito tra scienza, tecnologia, società e politica, in programma a Trieste dal 2 al 6 settembre 2020.

Le opere della sezione sono incentrate sui temi di scienza e società: in particolare, i corti selezionati sottolineano la capacità dell’uomo di riuscire ad andare oltre l’essere “solo” un uomo, di trascendere la propria dimensione e superare i propri limiti. Robot, viaggi nel tempo, tecnologia e ovviamente Terra, Spazio e pianeti lontani riempiono le immagini dello schermo, provando a trascinare anche lo spettatore da un’altra parte. L’appuntamento con i corti di Science&Society è domenica 5 luglio alle 19.30 in streaming su MYmovies.

Il cinema emergente di Nuove Impronte – Concorso lungometraggi

A cura della giornalista e critica cinematografica Beatrice Fiorentino, la sezione Nuove Impronte sceglie i migliori lungometraggi del cinema emergente, accendendo i riflettori su registi esordienti o non ancora affermati al grande pubblico, allargando da quest’anno la competizione anche al panorama europeo e internazionale con anteprime mondiali e italiane. 

I film in concorso si contenderanno il premio miglior Film, il premio della Critica assegnato dal Sindacato Nazionale Critici Cinematografici Italiani SNCCI, il premio migliore Produzione consegnato dall’AGICI e il premio ANAC alla migliore sceneggiatura. MYmovies assegnerà il Premio del Pubblico all’opera più votata on line. 

I lungometraggi di Nuove Impronte saranno fruibili gratuitamente su MYmovies. I giurati della sezione sono i registi Fabio e Damiano D’Innocenzo, la produttrice Elisabetta Olmi e l’attrice Linda Caridi.


LOS FANTASMAS di Sebastián Lojo (Guatemala, Argentina) | 5 LUGLIO ORE 21.00
Opera prima di Sebastián Lojo, il film è stato presentato all’International Film Festival di Rotterdam e al Cartagena Film Festival e arriva a ShorTS in anteprima italiana. Nella pericolosa Città del Guatemala, il bello e carismatico Koki si guadagna da vivere conquistando la fiducia della gente prima di derubarla. Di giorno, è una guida turistica ma di notte seduce gli uomini e li porta all’albergo di Carlos, dove vengono derubati. Quando verrà rimpiazzato da un altro giovane di bell’aspetto, comincerà una parabola discendente che lo porterà a riflettere sulla sua vita. 

TONY DRIVER di Ascanio Petrini (Italia, Messico) | 6 LUGLIO ORE 20.00
Esordio alla regia del barese Ascanio Petrini, il film è stato presentato in concorso alla 35° Settimana Internazionale della Critica a Venezia. Al centro della vicenda l’incredibile storia di Pasquale Donatone, nato a Bari nel 1963 ed emigrato con la famiglia negli Stati Uniti nel 1972, dai quali venne espulso quarant’anni più tardi per trasporto di migranti illegali attraverso il confine con il Messico, per poi finire a vivere in una grotta di Polignano a Mare. L’epopea straordinaria di un antieroe destinato a perdere ma anche a provarci, al cinema e nelle sale virtuali dal 25 giugno distribuito da Wanted Zone.

EFFETTO DOMINO di Alessandro Rossetto (Italia) | 7 LUGLIO ORE 20.00
Presentato alla Mostra del Cinema di Venezia 2019 nella sezione “Sconfini” e liberamente ispirato all’omonimo romanzo di Romolo Bugaro, il film del padovano Alessandro Rossetto (“Piccola patria”) racconta l’ambizioso piano di trasformare alberghi abbandonati in residenze di lusso per anziani in una cittadina termale nel nordest italiano. Il progetto, però, si ritorce contro i suoi stessi protagonisti, mentre vicende locali finiscono per riverberarsi fino al lontano oriente. Senza saperlo, i personaggi si addentano come cani ciechi, ognuno è sbranato mentre sta per sbranare, in un incessante bellum omnium contra omnes.

THE TROUBLE WITH NATURE di Illum Jacobi (Danimarca, Francia) | 8 LUGLIO ORE 20.00
Presentato al Festival di Rotterdam, il film segna l’esordio dietro la macchina da presa del danese Illum Jacobi, che arriva al festival ShorTS in anteprima italiana. Protagonista il filosofo Edmund Burke, autore di una delle principali opere del Romanticismo. Il film si svolge nel 1769, dodici anni dopo la pubblicazione del trattato “Un’indagine filosofica sull’origine delle nostre idee di Sublime e Bello” che portò alla fama il filosofo irlandese. In coincidenza con la ristampa del libro, Burke decide di recarsi sulle Alpi francesi per riscrivere la sua opera apportando nuove conoscenze.

TUTTO L’ORO CHE C’È di Andrea Caccia (Italia) | 9 LUGLIO ORE 20.00
Il regista Andrea Caccia (“Vedozero”, “La vita al tempo della morte”) ci porta nei boschi e sulle rive del fiume Ticino, tra Lombardia e Piemonte, dove cinque uomini di età diverse esplorano il territorio, ognuno a modo proprio. Il risultato è un film di osservazione, realizzato attraverso un racconto dalla morfologia incerta che, come un fiume, cambia continuamente, mostrando la complessità del reale, mediante la scomposizione delle parti.

FAITH di Valentina Pedicini (Italia) | 10 LUGLIO ORE 20.00
Acclamato documentario della regista Valentina Pedicini, che in un sontuoso bianco e nero racconta la comunità di monaci cristiani che vivono in un monastero isolato tra le colline marchigiane. Questi Monaci Guerrieri, ribattezzati “Guerrieri della Luce”, da vent’anni si preparano ad una guerra più “alta”, tra preghiere notturne e allenamenti massacranti, credendo in una sola fede: combattere il male nel nome del Padre.

LA VIAJANTE di Miguel Mejias (Spagna) | 11 LUGLIO ORE 20.00
Un road movie esistenziale, con rimandi al cinema di Michelangelo Antonioni, che verrà presentato a ShorTS International Film Festival in anteprima mondiale. Al centro della vicenda Angela, che vive una routine da cui sembra impossibile sfuggire, fino al momento in cui non si avventura in un viaggio attraverso terre remote, dove scoprirà un interesse speciale nel filmare insetti utilizzando la macchina fotografica appartenuta alla madre, mentre si occuperà degli impulsi, imprevisti e sconosciuti, causati dalla solitudine.

Film di apertura: “Il grande passo” di Antonio Padovan

Sarà “Il grande passo” di Antonio Padovan a inaugurare l’edizione 2020 di ShorTS, e verrà proiettato fuori concorso come film di apertura sabato 4 luglio alle ore 20.00 in streaming su MYmovies dopo la cerimonia di inaugurazione. Presentato in concorso al 37° Festival di Torino, il film vede protagonisti Stefano Fresi e Giuseppe Battiston, al centro di una storia che parla del sogno di andare sulla luna.

I due attori interpretano due fratelli da sempre distanti, l’uno a Roma e l’altro nel profondo Veneto, che imparano a conoscersi. Da quando, a sei anni, Dario Cavalieri (Giuseppe Battiston) ha visto in diretta le immagini del primo sbarco sulla Luna, non ha mai smesso di volerci andare. Mario Cavalieri (Stefano Fresi) gestisce una ferramenta di quartiere a Roma, fino al giorno in cui la sua esistenza viene sconvolta dallo squillo del telefono. Suo fratello Dario è in prigione. Mario si ritrova a essere l’unico che può occuparsi di quel fratello che ha visto una sola volta in vita sua. I due fratelli, tanto simili fisicamente quanto differenti caratterialmente, si ritroveranno soli di fronte a un’impresa impossibile.

Per i più piccoli…

Confermata anche per la 21° edizione del Festival Shorter Kids’n’Teens, la sezione dedicata ai giovanissimi. Un vero e proprio “festival nel festival”, con due giurie composte rispettivamente da bambini e ragazzi, con lo scopo di far conoscere la settima arte anche ad un pubblico giovane attraverso una sezione pensata apposta per loro. 

Anche in questo momento storico così delicato, ShorTS International Film Festival desidera che le future generazioni possano continuare a crescere coltivando le proprie passioni e curiosità con questo evento a loro dedicato, proponendo una versione online della storica sezione dedicata ai giovanissimi, alla quale quest’anno prenderanno parte bambini e ragazzi da tutta Italia.

La sezione sarà divisa in due fasce di età, con due distinte giurie: la “Kids”, dedicata ai corti per bambini dai 6 ai 10 anni, e la “Teens”, con opere per ragazzi dagli 11 ai 15 anni. Saranno quindi i bambini e i ragazzi a decretare i film vincitori della sezione che saranno annunciati il 12 luglio in occasione della cerimonia di chiusura del festival. La selezione Shorter Kids’n’Teens 2020 è composta da opere provenienti da tutto il mondo, che spaziano dall’animazione al documentario, e raccontano storie vere o di finzione capaci di divertire e commuovere, di innamorarsi e riflettere. 

I ragazzi quest’anno potranno partecipare a Shorter Kids’n’Teens da casa, senza dover rinunciare a sentirsi parte di un gruppo e prendendo parte attivamente al progetto. Utilizzando il mezzo di spedizione più sostenibile, bambini e ragazzi iscritti alla sezione riceveranno da un rider il kit di partecipazione: un cartone personalizzato per la pizza, che nel nome richiama lo storico contenitore utilizzato per conservare le pellicole dei film, dove troveranno la t-shirt del Festival, la scheda per votare il cortometraggio preferito, una cartolina da colorare e un gadget offerto da EstEnergy  e Gruppo Hera, anche quest’anno main partner del Festival.

L’appuntamento con la sezione Shorter Kids’n’Teens sarà online su MYmovies martedì 7 luglio alle ore 18.00, con i film dedicati ai ragazzi dagli 11 ai 15 anni, e mercoledì 8 luglio alle ore 18.00, con quelli per i  bambini dai 6 ai 10 anni.

Science for Suburbs

Realizzato con il sostegno di SIAE e MiBACT nell’ambito dell’iniziativa “Per chi crea”, il progetto “Science for Suburbs” ha visto 45 studenti dell’Istituto Tecnico Deledda Fabiani divenire autori e registi attraverso un percorso laboratoriale di video partecipato, che verrà proiettato domenica 5 luglio alle ore 20.30 al Teatro Miela. Il progetto affronta alcuni dei temi chiave di EuroScience Open Forum 2020 attraverso gli occhi di chi vive nella periferia cittadina. Il progetto è stato sviluppato attraverso tre momenti laboratoriali, sotto la guida dei formatori di video partecipato Erika Rossi e Francesco Scarel. 

Il video è articolato in tre capitoli, che uniscono il linguaggio del documentario a quello dell’animazione: in “Non è ancora la fine del mondo” alcuni giovani studenti esplorano un quartiere alla periferia di Trieste per cercare nuove risposte alle loro domande riguardo al futuro dell’ambiente: ne nasce un confronto vivo e ricco di spunti con gli abitanti nel quartiere di Ponziana. Nel capitolo “Quaranteen” una classe di adolescenti si racconta durante la quarantena e riflette sul futuro, mostrando uno spaccato inedito della vita ai tempi del Covid. Infine, nel corto animato “AC/DC” illustrazioni e fumetti riflettono sugli effetti del Covid sull’ambiente.

24H ShorTS Comics Marathon, il contest gratuito per disegnatori di ogni età

Per il quarto anno consecutivo il cinema incontra il fumetto a ShorTS, che conferma la 24 Hours ShorTS Comics Marathon. Un contest gratuito dedicato a disegnatori di ogni età che vorranno cimentarsi in una vera e propria maratona artistica durante la quale, in sole 24 ore, dovranno realizzare un cortometraggio a fumetti di almeno 4 tavole inchiostrate e/o colorate, ciascuna contenente una vignetta di dimensione quadrata. 

Il fumetto vincitore verrà poi pubblicato e distribuito gratuitamente, prima sui canali social di ShorTS International Film Festival e poi su carta all’interno di un volume che verrà distribuito gratuitamente. 

L’evento quest’anno si svolgerà in un’inedita versione ibrida dal vivo presso la Casa del Cinema di Trieste, per un massimo di 10 partecipanti, e online tramite videochiamata, dove potranno aderire via web partecipanti da tutta Italia fino a un massimo di 20 persone. L’appuntamento con la Maratona di Fumetti è venerdì 10 e sabato 11 luglio alle ore 16.00 presso la Casa del Cinema di Trieste e via web.

Dopo grandi nomi come Laura Scarpa, Lorenzo Pastrovicchio, Sio, Giopota, Dr. Pira, Menotti e Ilaria Palleschi, anche quest’anno a valutare gli elaborati ci sarà una nuova giuria d’eccezione, composta da esperti in campo artistico e cinematografico. In particolare, la giuria dell’edizione 2020 di 24 Hours ShorTS Comics Marathon sarà composta dal triestino Mario Alberti, Vittoria VicMac Macioci, Giulio Macaione e il regista Giancarlo Soldi

ShorTS Pitching Training

Appuntamento anche quest’anno con lo ShorTS Pitching Training, workshop organizzato dall’Associazione Maremetraggio in collaborazione con Nisi MasaEuropean Network of Young Cinema che si svolgerà interamente online venerdì 3 e sabato 4 luglio dalle 10 alle 19: due giorni di formazione durante i quali i partecipanti, su base mondiale di selezione, impareranno come realizzare presentazioni (pitch) efficaci e persuasive dei loro progetti di realizzazione di cortometraggi. Le lezioni saranno tenute in lingua inglese, come sarà anche per i pitching che a fine workshop i partecipanti esporranno di fronte a una rosa ristretta di produttori selezionati.

Incontro online con l’animatore Simone Massi | Nuvole e mani di un animo resistente

Sabato 11 luglio alle 18.00 sulla Pagina Facebook di ShorTS appuntamento con l’animatore e regista Simone Massi, vincitore di un David di Donatello per il miglior cortometraggio e di due Nastri d’argento,  nonché autore della folgorante personalissima sigla della Mostra internazionale d’arte cinematografica di Venezia dal 2012 al 2016.

Sponsor e partner

ShorTS International Film Festival è realizzato con il contributo di Mibact – Direzione Generale Cinema, Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia – Assessorato alla Cultura, Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia – Assessorato alle Attività Produttive e al Turismo, Fondazione CRTrieste e Comune di Trieste,  EstEnergy – Gruppo Hera, AcegasApsAmga. Partner tecnico MYMovies.it. Si ringrazia la Fondazione K. F. Casali. Media Partner: Il Piccolo, Sentieri Selvaggi, Cinematographe, Cinecittà News, Rivista del Cinematografo, Fred Radio, Radioattività, Blow-Out, La Settima Arte. 

45 shorts from all over the world to compete in the Maremetraggio section

The 2020 selection has competing works from 27 different countries, with genres ranging from animation to documentary and many Italian directors behind the camera.

45 shorts from 27 different countries. These are the figures for Maremetraggio, historic competition section dedicated to shorts at the ShorTS International Film Festival, the film event which this year from Trieste arrives on the Web from 4 to 12 July 2020 thanks to MYmovies, technical partner for the event.

Competing in the Maremetraggio section are the best shorts from all over the world which, during 2019, were awarded prizes at the major international festivals, such as the short documentary Mars, Oman by Vanessa del Campo Gatell, prize winner at the Festival dei Popoli and at Visions du Réel, that tells of the simulated expeditions to Mars carried out in Oman in the Arabian Peninsula, or the Chinese short She runs by Qiu Yang, who won the Palme d’Or at Cannes 70 with A Gentle Night. She runs has been selected at numerous international events, including the Critics’ Week at Cannes and the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Italian works in competition include Inverno by Giulio Mastromauro, awarded the prize for best short this year at the David di Donatello and an intense autobiographical account of childhood and loss. Also from Italy is La bellezza imperfetta by Davide Vigore, which uses photography by Daniele Ciprì to narrate the meeting between a 65-year-old man and a young Ukrainian girl in a shadowy Palermo. The short Fulmini e saette by Daniele Lince stars Carolina Crescentini in the unusual role of superheroine. She plays the part of the “Donna Saetta” or “thunderbolt woman”, capable of teleportation and moving at supersonic speed, who watches over the city and its inhabitants. Yet superpowers are not enough at times for facing up to day-to-day living.

Ample space is given over to animation, including Lost & Found by Andrew Goldsmith and Bradley Slabe, an Australian stop-motion short, a naïve and romantic tale about the altruism of true love. Another stop-motion short is the Iranian Song Sparrow by Farzaneh Omidvarnia, which uses the animation idiom to filter the horrors of reality, with a story about a group of refugees escaping towards a better life. Fun for all the family with the Swiss short Why Slugs Have No Legs by Aline Höchli, which uses exquisitely nonsensical animation to rewrite History and tells of the fantasy origins of slugs.

The 45 competing works are to contend the prestigious EstEnergy – Gruppo Hera prize for the best short with prize money of 5,000.00 €. Also to be won is the AcegasApsAmga prize for the best Italian short, the Premio Prem1ere Film for the best short not in distribution and the Premio AMC for best Italian editing. Confirmation has also been received of the Premio Triestecaffè awarded by the MYmovies audience.

“The 2020 ShorTS, for reasons known to us all, is to be different and possibly unique of its kind. Like the Festival, in its structure, the selection of the Maremetraggio section has been different (and possibly unique of its kind) and carried out almost entirely during lockdown”, said Francesco Ruzzier, curator of the Maremetraggio section. “The viewing environment and surroundings are factors that have a definite influence on the vision and perception of any audience member. According to a study by researcher Rosalind Cartwright, dreams break up the emotional charge of the experience. Short films themselves are none other than the staging of experiences whose emotional charge directors seek to maintain intact. Dreams that are always vivid, able to crystallise a moment, a situation, an emotion or a feeling to prevent it from fading in time. The common denominator of the works selected this year is a detachment from reality, the reinterpretation and highly personal vision of the world by directors who shape the images with their vision of things. Also seen in the documentaries (such as Mars, Oman, and also the Indonesian Rewild) is the tendency to narrate reality from an unusual and personal viewpoint”.

A colloquio con Rossella (Interview with Rossella) di Andrea Andolina
Adam by Shoki Lin
Anna by Dekel Berenson
La bellezza imperfetta by Davide Vigore
Calvario (Calvary) by LLuis Margarit
Dialogue by Souvik Chakraborty
Duszyczka (The Little Soul) by Barbara Rupik
eggshell by Case Jernigan
Emtehan (Exam) by Sonia K. Hadad
Existe! (Exist!) by Luca Zuberbühler
Figurant by Jan Vejnar
Fulmini e saette (Thunderbolts And Lightning Strikes) by Daniele Lince
Gronde marmaille (Rain, Rain, Run Away) by Clémentine Carrié
Guy Proposes to His Girlfriend on a Mountain by Bernhard Wenger
Hãy tỉnh thức và sẵn sàng (Stay Awake, Be Ready) by Pham Thien An
I Created Memories by Sammy Gadbois
Intermission Expedition by Wiep Teeuwisse
Inverno (Timo’s Winter) by Giulio Mastromauro
Kolektyviniai sodai (Community Gardens) by Vytautas Katkus
Lay Them Straight by Robert Deleskie
Lee Dewyze (Castles) by Stefano Bertelli
El libre (The Book) by Francesca Català
Limbo by Dani Viqueira Carballal
Lost & Found by Andrew Goldsmith, Bradley Slabe
Mars, Oman by Vanessa Del Campo Gatell
Monologue by Lorenzo Landi, Michelangelo Mellony
Nan Fang Shao Nv (She Runs) by Qiu Yang
Il nostro tempo by Veronica Spedicati
Il primo giorno di Matilde by Rosario Capozzolo
Paola Makes a Wish by Zhannat Alshanova
Piña Colada by David Grove Draad
Portraitiste (Portraitist) by Cyrus Neshvad
Red Wine by Santiago Menghini
Rewild by Nicholas Chin, Ernest Zacharevic
Saturday’s Apartment by Jeon Seungbae
Song Sparrow by Farzaneh Omidvarnia
The Strange House in the Mist by Guilherme Daniel
Takie piękne miasto (Such a Beautiful Town) by Marta Koch
Teresa by Gabriele Ciances
Der Test (The Test) by Philipp Christopher
The Van by Erenik Beqiri
Veronica non sa fumare (Veronica Doesn’t Smoke) by Chiara Marotta
Voler essere felici ad ogni costo (Deaf Love) by Michele Bertini Malgarini
Warum Schnecken keine Beine haben (Why Slugs Have No Legs) by Aline Höchli
We_Sounds by David Carrizales

Discover all the short movies in competition!

Giulio Pranno will receive the Prospettiva Award 2020

The young star of Gabriele Salvatores’ latest film is to receive the prize at the Trieste film event


ShorTS International Film Festival, the Trieste film event which this year is coming to the Web from 4 to 12 July, has announced the Premio Prospettiva 2020. The prestigious prize of the 21st Festival is to be awarded to Giulio Pranno, young star of the film Tutto Il Mio Folle Amore directed by Gabriele Salvatores, a nuanced road movie partly filmed in Trieste and inspired by a true story, in which Pranno appears alongside Claudio Santamaria, Valeria Golino and Diego Abatantuono.

Taken from the book Se Ti Abbraccio Non Ho Paura by Fulvio Ervas and presented at the Venice Film Festival, the film tells the moving true story of a motorbike trip by a father with his autistic son. Giulio Pranno, here making his big screen debut, plays Vincent, a sixteen-year-old boy with a serious personality disorder. His father, the no-good Will (Claudio Santamaria), abandoned him as a child to pursue a career as singer, leaving him with his mother, Elena (Valeria Golino), who has brought him up with her partner Mario (Diego Abatantuono). On a chance evening Will finally sums up the courage to go and get to know that son he’s never seen and discovers that he’s not as he imagined him. He’s not aware that that small gesture of responsibility is only the start of a great adventure, which will lead him to share an exciting journey between Slovenia and Croatia during which they will have the opportunity to find out more about each other.

Born in 1998 in Rome, Giulio Pranno has always been a great fan of the cinema. With the support of his parents he began going to the theatre at the age of 12 and immediately fell in love with it. At high school he took acting lessons and took part in shows up to the finals of the Premio Hystrio 2018. In that same year, his dream of acting in a feature film came true when, after a lengthy selection process, he was chosen by Salvatores to play the part of Vincent, making his film debut.

“It’s always very exciting when the talent of a young boy who has dreamed about acting is recognised”, said director Gabriele Salvatores. “I’m proud to have been the director who right from the very start could see his great potential and the fact that it’s a Trieste festival awarding him a prize is even more gratifying”.

The Premio Prospettiva of ShorTS International Film Festival effectively means staking on the future of the young talents selected each year at the Trieste event. Through this award ShorTS once again this year turns the spotlight on a promising young talent from Italian cinema, an insight which, over the years, has often been confirmed by the winners’ careers.

There have in fact been numerous young actors awarded this prize at the Festival in different years, including Alba Rohrwacher, Luca Marinelli, Michele Riondino, Matilda De Angelis, Daphne Scoccia, Sharon Caroccia and Francesco Di Napoli.

World and national premières of films at ShorTS IFF in the Nuove Impronte section

The film event, to be held online from 4 to 12 July, has announced the films for the traditional Nuove Impronte section of the Festival dedicated to the best works from the new cinema, which this year sees seven feature films competing, in Italian and world premières.


Directors as yet not well known, but who can already be undeniably appreciated for their daring, talent and authenticity. This is the underlying inspiration for Nuove Impronte, traditional section of ShorTS International Film Festival, the Trieste cinema event which this year is to be held on the Web from 4 to 12 July 2020.

Nuove Impronte is the competition section which, once again at this 21st Festival, chooses the best feature films from up-and-coming new cinema, turning the spotlight on directors making their debut or who are not yet well known among the general public, this year extending the competition also to the European and international scene with world and Italian premières.

There are to be seven films in competition, works of fiction and documentaries, of which three premièred, all featuring a new view of the world which necessarily involves a vision of reality, basing on detailed coverage across transitional, peripheral and decentralised territories, places that are marginal both in the geographical and in the existential meaning of the word.

“All the works in the competition this year share a particular view of the world. Like an invitation to invent new map bearings, starting from the specific nature of reality and daily life and always placing human beings, the individuals, in the centre, underlying their great resources and immense fragility. “What they offer”, explains journalist and critic Beatrice Fiorentino, curator of the section, “is a universal interpretation that moves from an observation of specific territories to ‘another place’, just like the humans who live there, slightly lost and perennially seeking their place in the world“.

The films in the competition will contend the Best Film prize, the Critics’ Prize awarded by the SNCCI, the national union of Italian film critics, the Best Production prize awarded by AGICI and the ANAC prize for best screenplay. MYmovies is instead to give out the Audience Award to the work with the most online votes.

The feature films of Nuove Impronte can be enjoyed free of charge on MYmovies, technical partner of ShorTS International Film Festival, after registering on the official website for the event www.maremetraggio.com.

The jury members of the Nuove Impronte section are directors Fabio and Damiano D’Innocenzo, makers of La Terra dell’Abbastanza and Favolacce, the latter presented in competition at the 2020 Berlin Festival, where it won the Silver Bear for best screenplay, producer Elisabetta Olmi, director of Ipotesi cinema with which she produced many Italian films, including the Italian comedy Basilicata Coast to Coast by Rocco Papaleo (David di Donatello for the best first feature), a co-production with Eagle Pictures and Paco Cinematografica, and Il grande passo by Antonio Padovan, and actress Linda Caridi, star of Ricordi? by Valerio Mieli and Antonia by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino.

Finally, Il Grande Passo by Antonio Padovan is to launch the 2020 ShorTS film festival, screened out of competition as opening film.



LA VIAJANTE by Miguel A. Mejias (Spain)

An existential road movie with references to films by Michelangelo Antonioni, to be presented at ShorTS International Film Festival as a world première. The story revolves around Angela, a thirty-year-old photographer trapped in a life of routine and silence, who is to go with her camera on an aimless journey around the Canaries on board a Ford Taunus from ’85.

LOS FANTASMAS by Sebastián Lojo (Guatemala, Argentina)

Debut work by Sebastián Lojo, the film was presented at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and at the Cartagena Film Festival and is to receive its Italian première at ShorTS. In crime-ridden Guatemala City, handsome and charming Koki earns his living by gaining people’s trust before robbing them. During the day he is a tourist guide but at night he seduces men and takes them to Carlos’ hotel, where they are robbed. When his place is taken by another, good-looking young man, a downward spiral begins which will lead him to think carefully about his life.

THE TROUBLE WITH NATURE by Illum Jacobi (Denmark, France)

Presented at the Rotterdam Festival, the film marks the debut as director of Denmark’s Illum Jacobi and is to be premièred in Italy at ShorTS. Lead character is the philosopher Edmund Burke, author of one of the key works of Romanticism. The film takes place in 1769, twelve years after publication of the treatise A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful which made the Irish philosopher famous. At the time of reprinting of the book Burke decides to go to the French Alps to rewrite his work, bringing fresh knowledge.

TONY DRIVER by Ascanio Petrini (Italy, Mexico)

Directing debut for Ascanio Petrini from Bari, the film was presented in competition at the 35th International Film Critics’ Week in Venice. The story centres on the incredible story of Pasquale Donatone, born in Bari in 1963 and who emigrated with his family to the USA in 1972, from where he was expelled forty years later for people smuggling across the border with Mexico, later ending up living in a cave at Polignano a Mare. The extraordinary saga of an anti-hero destined to be defeated yet also to try his luck.

FAITH by Valentina Pedicini (Italy)

Acclaimed documentary by director Valentina Pedicini, who in sumptuous black and white narrates the community of Christian monks who live in an isolated monastery in the hills of the Marches. These warrior monks, renamed “Warriors of Light”, have for twenty years been preparing for a “higher” war, with night prayers and gruelling training and with a single credo: fighting evil in the name of the Father.

TUTTO L’ORO CHE C’È by Andrea Caccia (Italy)

Director Andrea Caccia (Vedozero, La Vita al Tempo della Morte) takes us into the woods and along the banks of the Ticino river, between Lombardy and Piedmont, where five men of different ages explore the area, each in his own way. The result is an enquiring film, made through an uncertainly shaped narration which, like a river, constantly changes, showing the complexity of reality by breaking down the parts.

EFFETTO DOMINO by Alessandro Rossetto (Italy)

Presented at the 2019 Venice Film Festival in the Sconfini section and freely inspired by the novel of the same name by Romolo Bugaro, the film by Padua’s Alessandro Rossetto (Piccola Patria) tells of the ambitious plan to transform abandoned hotels into luxury residences for the elderly in a small spa town in north-eastern Italy. The project, however, backfires against its actual lead players, while local events end up by causing ripples to spread to the far-off Orient. Without realising it, the characters gnaw at each other like sightless dogs, each one mauled while about to maul the others, in a never-ending bellum omnium contra omnes.

24H ShorTS Comics Marathon 2020

The fourth free entry contest for comic artists, in a brand-new hybrid version live from Trieste and online via video conferencing.

 For the fourth consecutive year cinema meets the comic strip at ShorTS International Film Festival 2020. The Trieste film festival this year is to be held online from 4 to 12 July and will repeat, also in this its 21st year, the 24 Hours ShorTS Comics Marathon.

A free entry contest for artists of all ages who want to become involved in an actual art marathon during which, in just 24 hours, they have to produce a comic strip short of at least 4 inked and/or coloured boards. The winning comic strip will then be published and distributed free of charge, first on the social network of the festival and then on paper in a book with complimentary distribution.

The event this year is to be held in a brand new hybrid version live at the Casa del Cinema in Trieste, for a maximum of 10 participants, and online via video conferencing, where participants from all over Italy (up to a maximum of 20 people) can take part via the Web. The date with the Comics Marathon is for Friday 10 and Saturday 11 July at 4 pm at the Casa del Cinema in Trieste and online. Participation in the contest is free of charge and open to a maximum number of 10 participants live and 20 virtually, who can enrol via the event’s official website www.maremetraggio.com.

After big names such as Laura Scarpa, Lorenzo Pastrovicchio, Sio, Giopota, Dr. Pira, Menotti and Ilaria Palleschi, this year there will again be a new and outstanding jury to judge the works, made up of art and film experts. Specifically, the 24 Hours ShorTS Comics Marathon jury for 2020 will be Trieste’s Mario Alberti, alongside Vittoria VicMac Macioci, Giulio Macaione and director Giancarlo Soldi, figures representing an actual link between the world of film and that of comics.

Mario Alberti is an artist, illustrator and screenwriter from Trieste. In 1993 he joined the staff of Nathan Never for Sergio Bonelli Editore. Since 2007 he has produced various covers for DC Comics, Marvel and IDW and in 2009 published for Marvel the miniseries Spider Man & X Men, later followed by Spider Man & The Fantastic Four. In 2009 he worked on issue 600 of Amazing Spider Man. In 2017 he designed the first album of the new series Bandasenzanima, spin-off of the Dragonero series by Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti. Again with Vietti he produced the first album of the new Angie Digitwin series for Panini Comics. 2018 saw the issue of Tex – Cinnamon Wells with writing by Chuck Dixon and his participation in the Panini Angie Digitwin project, producing the artwork for the zero issue and the covers.

Vittoria VicMac Macioci, born in Rome in 1991, has worked on a character design themed anthology published by 3DTotal and on various projects in Italy, France and the USA. They include Gravure of Altrofumetto, Melagrana of Attaccapanni Press and Warm Blood written by Josh Tierney. She is the artist behind the French comic Gravity Level written by Lorenzo Palloni and published in Italy by Saldapress as Desolation Club. Alongside her work as artist she teaches character design at the international visual development school Idea Academy in Rome.

Giulio Macaione, born in Catania in 1983, made his debut in 2005 with the short Mortén, winner of the competition Otto tavole per Mondo Naif organised by Kappa Edizioni. Again with Kappa he published the graphic novels The Fag Hag and Innamorarsi a Milano, both to texts by Massimiliano De Giovanni. With Comma 22 he published Ofelia, also translated in France by Edition Physalis. With Renbooks he published I colori del vicino. In 2016 he published his first graphic novel for BAO Publishing, Basilicò. In 2018 he published his new graphic novel for BAO Publishing, Stella di mare. In the same year he produced for US publishers BOOM! Studios the graphic novel Alice from dream to dream, brought to Italy by BAO Publishing with the title Alice di sogno in sogno.

Winner of top-level international prizes such as the Industrial Film Award of New York and the Creative Film Award of Chicago, director Giancarlo Soldi made his debut behind the camera in 1992 with the film Nero written by Tiziano Sclavi and starring Sergio Castellitto, Chiara Caselli and Hugo Pratt. Always seeking out new idioms, in 1998 he made the series Alex, indagini su mondi segreti. In 2013 he filmed the documentary Come TEX Nessuno Mai, distributed by Sergio Bonelli Editore. In 2015 his documentary Nessuno Siamo Perfetti, about Tiziano Sclavi, obtained a special mention at the Nastri d’Argento. In 2016 it was the turn of Cinque mondi, documentary presented at the Festa del Cinema in Rome. In 2019 he made the docufilm Diabolik sono io, written with Mario Gomboli, and another documentary, Cercando Valentina. Il Mondo di Guido Crepax, an exploration of the visionary world of Guido Crepax and his most popular creation.

Shorter Teens & Kids: section dedicated to kids and teens is back

A real “festival within a festival”, with two juries made up of kids aged 6 to 10 and teens aged 11 to 15, who this year
can take part from all over Italy.


A date online with two afternoons dedicated to shorts for kids and teens to be judged by the very young jury members of ShorTS 2020.

Little big cinema for little big jury members. The name is Shorter Kids’n’ Teens and it is the section of ShorTS International Film Festival dedicated to the very young, as part of the film event that this year is to arrive on the Web from 4 to 12 July 2020 from Trieste thanks to technical support from MYmovies.

A real “festival within a festival”, Shorter Kids’n’Teens is made up of two separate juries with child and teen members, aiming at spreading knowledge of the seventh art also to young audiences through a section devised especially for them within the historic Trieste event. Even in these difficult times, ShorTS International Film Festival wants the future generations to be able to continue to grow, cultivating their passions and interests with this event tailored to them, by offering an online version of this historic section that targets the very young and in which this year kids and teens from all over Italy can take part.

Once again this year the section is to be divided into two age groups, with two separate juries: the Kids section, dedicated to shorts for children aged 6 to 10, and the Teens section with works for those aged 11 to 15 years old. The youngsters themselves will make up the juries that are to decide on the winners of the section. The 2020 selection covers works from all over the world, ranging from animation to current event shorts and offering stories through which the children can enjoy laughter and emotions, fall in love and pause for thought.

The younger set this year can join in with Shorter Kids’n’ Teens from home, while still feeling part of a group and taking an active part in the project. Using the most sustainable delivery method, riders are to bring the young participants in the section the participation kit: a personalised pizza box, “pizza” also being the Italian word for the traditional can used to store film stock, containing the Festival t-shirt, the slip for voting their favourite short, a card for colouring and a gift offered by EstEnergy and Gruppo Hera, also main partners of the Festival this year.

The Shorter Teens selection is scheduled to be held online on MYmovies on Tuesday 7 July at 6 pm, where the young participants can watch free of charge the screening of shorts for teens aged 11 to 15 and vote for the best. On Wednesday 8 July at 6 pm it will be the turn of Shorter Kids: an afternoon of shorts for children aged 6 to 10, during which the young jury members will choose the winning short. Registering with the jury in order to take part in the event is via the Festival’s official website.

Saverio Costanzo will receive the Cinema del Presente 2020 Award

A special online masterclass held by Saverio Costanzo, the acclaimed director of the TV series My Brilliant Friend 

ShorTS International Film Festival, organised by Associazione Maremetraggio, to be held online this year from 4 to 12 July 2020, announces the Online Masterclass given by Saverio Costanzo, acclaimed director of the TV series My Brilliant Friend.

The event, free of charge and open to the public, is to take place online on Zoom on Thursday 9 July: details of the masterclass and enrolment will be given out shortly on social media and the Festival’s official website.

“During the online masterclass we will discuss with Saverio Costanzo his inspirations and how his original and introspective viewpoint as a filmmaker developed”, explained Maurizio di Rienzo and Chiara Valenti Omero, directors of ShorTS International Film Festival- “and which focus on theatrical nuances expressed by bodies and souls set within contexts ‘out of this world’. A Palestinian family held hostage by an intrusive Israeli patrol (Private, Golden Leopard prize at the 2004 Locarno International Film Festival and Silver Ribbon for best first feature). A Jesuit isolated among his doubts and vocation in a Venice convent (In Memory of Me). The ring of solitude and lack of communication filled with fear, disillusion and secrets inhabited for years by a couple who later become soulmates (The Solitude of Prime Numbers). The confines of a New York home with the conflicting approaches to child-rearing of two young parents (Hungry Hearts, Coppa Volpi at the 2014 Venice Film Festival for lead actors Alba Rohrwacher and Adam Driver). The studio of a psychotherapist who is in turn in a critical situation (three seasons of the series In Treatment). A Naples brimming with quintessential feminine emotions reworked with powerful sensitivity beyond the original structure of the book (the two seasons of the series My Brilliant Friend). Film locations with architectural details, open to extreme emotions and in which the natural link between remarkable performances and solid directing is highlighted”.

Saverio Costanzo is also to receive the Cinema del Presente 2020 prize, an award through which ShorTS International Film Festival endorses and showcases the extraordinary talent of this Italian film director.

“I’m very honoured to receive this award from the splendid city of Trieste”, said director Saverio Costanzo, a crossroads of cultures and ideas, which offers, through its Festival, different and vital cinematic viewpoints while maintaining its twenty-year-old tradition and presenting images of the present whose strength is often rooted in the past. The specific focus by ShorTS on short-length films is important and highlights the mission of shorts, that of launching new narratives necessary for the cinema of the future”.

Born in Rome in 1975, Saverio Costanzo is one of the most admired filmmakers on the Italian film scene. In 2004 he directed his first feature film Private, winner of the Golden Leopard award and the prize for best lead actor at the Locarno International Film Festival and later released in over twenty-five countries.

In summer 2006 he made In Memory of Me, filmed on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice and selected to compete at the Berlinale in 2007. 2010 was the year of his third feature film, The Solitude of Prime Numbers, taken from the novel of the same name by Paolo Giordano which sold two million copies in Italy and was translated into more than thirty languages. The film competed at the 67th Venice Film Festival.

In 2014 he directed Hungry Hearts starring Alba Rohrwacher and Adam Driver. The film was presented in competition at the Venice Film Festival where it won two Coppa Volpi awards for the performances of the two lead actors. Costanzo then directed for Sky Cinema the Italian adaptation of In Treatment Seasons 1, 2 and 3, the HBO series of the same name taken from the Israeli format created by Hagai Levi. In 2018 he directed the first two seasons of the Rai Fiction-HBO series My Brilliant Friend, taken from the first two books of the four-part trilogy written by Elena Ferrante and published in Italy by Edizioni E/O.