[:it]Le sventure del sig. MO-KI-TÓ

He arrives. He stays. He tries us. If not he goes. Mr. Mo-ki-tò, immersed in the innocence, tenderness and craftiness, explores opportunities for human relationships confronting this with those who he meets on his journey. In this way the theatre company Devenir confronts the Seventh Sense, a product of his anthropological research. Devenir comes from La Plata, Argentina. It’s creating a theatrical ‘tournée’ in Spain (Madrid), Italy (Milan and Trieste) and Slovenia (Lubiana, Kropa).

In his country he has had a long theatrical career in the world of independent theatre and in anthropological research.

In collaboration with Bonawnetura and the Department of Humanities, Università degli Studi di Trieste

On stage: Gustavo Vallejos

Director: Jorge Demarco


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