Pitching is a tool for screenwriters and filmmakers to tell their stories in a limited amount of time and mostly with words. The speaker has to phrase in about 5 minutes a film that could ultimately be from 10 to 30 minutes long. It is used in various circumstances in the film industry – to get a producer’s attention, to talk to your crew or funding bodies. Although pitching has its limits, it makes it possible for the audience to grasp what the project is about and whether they feel a connection to it, through the choice of words, the order of the presentation, the emotions the speaker experiences…
At ShorTS International Film Festival, it is used as a scriptwriting tool to spot the potential flaws and analyse the problems a story may have, based on feedback and the involvement of the other participants. Indeed the group dynamic is essential here. It is often way easier to spot weaknesses in somebody else’s pitch than in one’s own. ShorTS Pitching Training gives writers keys to rework their script through a condensed hands-on workshop.

Selected projects

Apnea by Bernadette Pálfi (Hungary)

Following by Pavel Ruzyak (Czech Republic)

Forth and Black by Philip Kiulpekidis (Czech Republic)

The good girls club by Lida Vartzioti (Greece)

Last wish by Panagiotis Kountouras (Greece)

Other waves by Federico Turani (Italy)

The Retarded by Mattia Napoli (Italy)

Stoj! by Giulio De Paolis (Italy/Slovenija)

Stray by Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir (Portugal)

Sunday lunch by Boris Kopilovic (Serbia)

Tikun Olam by Andreea Valean (Romania)

Trip to nowhere by Rıdvan Abdullah Can (Turkey)

Two sides by Nanavraki Petridis, Tania Sotiris (Greece)

Vore by Samuel Sultana (Malta)

Winter comes after fall by Ioannis Vougioukas (Greece)

Yama by Andreas Vakalios (Greece)