A Butterfly on Her Chest

Giappone / Japan 2012, col., 15′
Her parents’ divorce, the change in lifestyle from Tokyo to the countryside, parting with her grandmother who was the only source of comfort. To free herself from her confined world, she has a butterfly tattooed on her chest.
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A Dental Extraction Story

Giappone / Japan 2013, col., 3′
Peter, a young boy, will have a tooth pulled out. When he goes to the dentist, he’s afraid and unable to relax. In the end he receives the worst prognosis.
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Death the Looser

Giappone / Japan 2013, col., 20′
A visit from Death in the middle of surgery?! “I’m so sorry, but I’m afraid I have to take a life. So could you kindly decide which life?” Out of the surgeon, intern, patient and spouse all present, who will leave with this pathetic Reaper?
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Giappone / Japan 2012, col., 3′
One day a black cube drops down out of nowhere. At the sound of music, strange creatures suddenly appear to play and dance in a gradually unfolding fantastic colorful world.
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Hashi no Mukou

Giappone / Japan 2012, col., 10′
A voice from a long gone past guides us, as a young girl enters another world when she crosses to the other side of a bridge.
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Hot Ch Kiss

Giappone / Japan 2012, col., 16′
Masaki receives a sudden phone call from Eriko, his ex from long before. They meet again, but it means he enters a labyrinth of memories, from which there is no exit…
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Giappone / Japan 2012, col., 5′
Kokkiman, a character who gives Japan hope, introduces you to Japanese culture, customs and traditions through his charms.
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Koyuki’s Wandering Football

Giappone / Japan 2013, col., 17′
When it is washed away by the tsunami, Koyuki decides to re-create her father’s soccer ball that was signed by all his friends. Her journey takes an unexpected turn when she reconnects with her uncle who is a fanatic football fan.
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Memory Sculptor

Giappone / Japan 2012, col., 17′
The wife of a wealthy man hires memory-erasing agents, Jin and Testsu, to erase her husband’s memory of the young lover with whom he is having an affair. They infiltrate his brain, and begin to erase the memories one by one. However, a conspiracy plot awaits them. Read more


Giappone / Japan 2012, col., 20′
At a little café, shy Ryosuke goes everyday just to see Megumi who he has feelings for but can’t confess. On an otherwise normal day, due to miscommuncations and misunderstandings by several customers, chaos and confusion ensues and Ryosuke’s love takes an unexpected turn. Read more