Cinema in corsivo

Cinema in corsivo is an educational project in the vision and analysis of shorts films made for children and young people, established as part of the Shorter Kids’n’Teens section of the festival. Unique and original, it grows year after year with the aim of providing opportunities for comparison and reflection for the spectators of the future. By mixing teaching in schools with educational initiatives in informal contexts (like the movie theater or the headquarters of the Casa del Cinema Association in Trieste), Cinema in corsivo favors the cinematic refinement of young people and helps raise awareness of the aesthetic, narrative, social and cultural value of the short film.

Children and young people, therefore, are transformed from simple spectators to Selecters, i.e. selectors of the films in the Shorter Kids’n’Teens section, or even into judges of the section itself, and they experience an extraordinary growth in their understanding of quality cinema which lasts all year!

For information about the project or to find out how to take part, teachers, educators and families can write to

The Selecters

The Selecters are children and young people that choose the short films for the Shorter Kids’n’Teens section after having participated in a cinematic refinement course that, under the guidance of a media educator, helps to develop their film analysis and quality assessment abilities. The Selecters have very different personalities and tastes but one great shared passion: beautiful, exciting and inspiring cinema.

Nina M., Selecter KIDS

“I liked being a Selecter because I had the opportunity to express my opinion following my own tastes, and the responsibility of voting is not a walk in the park!”

Samuel D., Selecter KIDS

“I liked being a Selecter because it was a great thing to do as a group, fun and exciting. It was stimulating having to first watch the short film and then share my opinions and feelings. I have experienced a variety of emotions, for example: happiness, understanding, amusement.”

Riccardo P., Selecter KIDS

“I liked being a Selecter because I had the opportunity to meet other kids who have become my new friends, and to see so many great films in advance, confronting myself with them to pick the best ones for the festival. It was exciting and fun.”

Liri V., Selecter KIDS

“Being a Selecter was fun because I was able to be important and decide for lots of other kids. I understood which things one must base their decisions on when choosing a film. I was able to make new friends and see other people’s opinions.”

Alberto S., Selecter KIDS

“I liked being a Selecter because I made new friends, I watched many beautiful short films, and despite there being covid we were able to see each other in person. I liked the animation shorts, indeed most of them were animated, therefore i think it was a wonderful experience for someone my age. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE”

Pietro B., Selecter KIDS

“I liked being a Selecter because I got to see lots of new films, one in particular made me very excited, and I hope it will win!”

Bianca B., Selecter KIDS

“Being a Selecter was beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful! I would recommend it to all the boys and girls my age 😜😋😁”

Emma T., Selecter KIDS

“I liked being a Selecter because it has been a very exciting experience and I have found new friends who just like me love cinema!!!!”

Giulia L., Selecter TEENS

“I have enjoyed being a Selecter because I’ve had a very interesting experience. I was very excited to see the short films, sometimes we laughed and sometimes we cried but in any case they were strong emotions.”

Elektra B., Selecter TEENS

“I have enjoyed being a Selecter because it’s allowed me to discover a new and different world, and without trying this experience I wouldn’t even be able to imagine it. It also allowed me to think deeply about the world of cinema, thinking in different ways and outside of the box.”

Giovanni L., Selecter TEENS

“I’ve liked being one of the Selecters because I have worked hard with fantastic company, and seeing the films in a super early preview was really exciting, even if I must admit that there were some bad ones as well as very good ones. In one case I even teared up… it’s been a fantastic experience!!”

Giulia D., Selecter TEENS

“I’ve liked being one of the Selecters because I’ve had the opportunity to watch short films from all over the world, and I’ve realized that cinema is something that unites everyone, in all its forms and styles…”

Lorenzo C., Selecter TEENS

I’ve liked being a Selecter because the films that we watched were always more beautiful than the last and each one teaches you something that you didn’t know before or you hadn’t thought about. It’s been a formidable experience that I’ll remember forever, the team, the films, the laughs, Manuela’s explanations, each of them fascinated me a lot and in addition to my initial shyness, I also learned to understand English and other languages better since we watched the films in their original languages. Coming from Milan, I’ve also been able to explore a beautiful city.”

Caterina B., Selecter TEENS

“It’s been amazing being a Selecter: watching the films, I sometimes laughed and sometimes cried, but above all i’ve learned to maintain my own opinions and tastes :-)”

Arturo B., Selecter TEENS

“It has been an exciting experience, even though we all had differing opinions and tastes I am sure that the films that we chose were the best!”

Sebastiano M., Selecter TEENS

“Being a Selecter comes with a wonderful responsibility! Knowing that my judgment on the short films has influenced the choice of films for other kids to see makes me proud. It has been an experience to remember!”

The Jury

Every year, the best films in the Shorter Kids’Teens section are those voted by two groups of judges, children (from ages 6 to 10) and teenagers (from ages 11 to 15) who gather during the festival. They are passionate, curious, demanding and their judgment is highly anticipated because after all, they are the spectators of the future!

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