Al Layla al Akheera

Marocco / Morocco 2012, HD, Dolby A, col., 18′
Amina, a young widowed mother of three, takes care of her small family, with the precious help of her father, Hashem. The old man, vigorous and lively, has a very special relationship with the youngest child, Sara. The sensitive and mischievous eight year old will let neither death nor tradition come between her and her grandfather.[:]


Regia / Director
Maryam Touzani
sceneggiatura / screenplay
Maryam Touzani
fotografia / cinematographer
Eric Devin
montaggio / editing
Adil Mawadyi
tecnico del suono / sound editor
Karym Ronda
musica / music
Said Radi
Nouhaila ben Moumou, Mohamed Achab,
Fatima-ezzahra el Jouhari, Oussama
Kaychouri, Ilyas Kaychouri, Abdessalam
Bounouacha, Naima Louadni
genere / genre
produzione / production
Ali n’ Films
distribuzione / distribution
Ali n’ Films
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