The Slow Light – Seeking Darkness project is the brainchild of Zahra Mani and Karin Schorm and was conceived as an artistic, cultural, and transdisciplinary exploration of the lack of darkness in urban and rural areas. This raises multiple issues, from ecological aspects and the effects of increasing light pollution to art-historical approaches toward darkness as fascination, inspiration and as an environment that encourages deeper human perception.
Within the project, a creative process related to immersivity was developed by involving pupils of the BG/BRG Villach St. Martin school in Villach (AU) who, in addition to developing part of the visual and sound design, realized an immersive experience.
In the cultural hybrid interactive platform, the various disciplines taught at school, from music, visual arts, and computer science were combined and then an immersive product was created, which, through a creative process, allowed the various independently developed paths to come together. This mode is an example of good practice in the use and application of immersive technologies in school education.

The panel will be attended by project creators Zahra Mani and Karin Schorm together with the teachers who supervised the teaching part Prof. Vanessa Lessjak and Prof. Martin Kastner together with students Simon Rieger, Luis Ludescher, Hannah Krisper, Severjan Delliehausen, Martin Georgiev and Matthias Prinster.

➡ Sala Xenìa (Riva Tre Novembre 7, Trieste) Monday 3 July 2023 at 4:30 pm