La cena per farli conoscere

Italia / Italy 2006, 35mm, Dolby Digital, col., 99′
Sandro Lanza, an actor, is living the most complicated period in his life. Today, ten years later, he no longer has the leading role in the tv series in which he is starred. His presence has been severely reduced and he is by now only an extra. After overtaking a cosmetic surgery which doesn’t go very well, he attempts a self-proclaimed suicide, trying to draw the media’s attention to himself. In the hospital, he is visited by his three daughters, whom he had with different women and that now live scattered all over Europe. Until that moment, their relationship was almost non-existant. They have an idea: to have their father meet, whom they believe to be the right person for him and who is unlike anyone he has ever met. Alma Kero is a real woman, smart, educated, independent, reassuring…[:]


Regia / Director
Pupi Avati
soggetto, sceneggiatura / subject, screenplay
Pupi Avati
fotografia / cinematographer
Pasquale Rachini
montaggio / editing
Amadeo Salfa
musica / music
Riz Ortolani
costumi / costume designer
Stefania Consaga, Maria Fassari
scenografia / set decoration
Giuliano Pannuti
Francesca Neri, Diego Abatantuono,
Vanessa Incontrada, Violante Placido,
Ines Sastre
genere / genre
commedia / comedy
produzione / production
Due AFilm, Medusa Film
distribuzione / distribution
Medusa Distribuzione
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