Cinema seen from a comics perspective.

ShorTS IFF opens up entries in the ShorTS Comics Marathon 2023
and announces publication of the book on last year’s Marathon.

For the seventh consecutive year ShorTS International Film Festival, scheduled in Trieste from 1 to 8 July, looks at cinema also from the viewpoint of the ninth art – comics – opening up entries in the ShorTS Comics Marathon 2023 and at the same time announcing the publication of the book on last year’s Marathon, which also includes in the appendix the comic strips that took first place in past Festivals.

Young people, artists and aspiring comic strip artists are therefore officially called upon to take part in a very special marathon, armed with pencils, electronic pens, sheets of paper and tablets, to turn their favourite films into comic strip shorts. The best works will go to make up the book on the 2023 Marathon, to be printed on paper and presented during the Festival.

ShorTS Comics Marathon 2023

The Marathon is open to single or paired entries. Participants will have the whole month of May to create their comic strip and an editor will be on hand to interface and edit work.
At least six comic strip pages, with free style and technique, laid out according to one of the grids available (based on six square cartoons on three lines per page) are required. The theme for 2023 and the guidelines will be notified to participants and posted on the ShorTS IFF website on 1 May.
Once there are 15 entries a jury of experts will be formed to announce the best works which will then go to make the 2023 book.

Entries: private message on or by email to

ShorTS Comics Marathon 2022 book

Over the years we have aimed to put our competitors to the test in an endurance marathon lasting 24h with the aim of producing a comic strip short of at least four pages on a cinematographic theme, with a rethink in various ways on a personal favourite film. Since last year greater focus has been placed on the more “relay” aspect of the Marathon, with a view to combining all the works to form a single long story, with the same lead player.

The fruit of this experience that lasted one month is now available as a pdf on with the complete story of a boy who came back from the future to rediscover the magic of that cinema that has disappeared in his world. We also wanted to show again in the appendix all those comic strips which came first at previous events, as if to create a commemorative book.

In addition to the e-version the version printed on paper from certified sources is available free of charge in a limited number of 100 copies.

To receive  your numbered printed copy please contact to

Download the press release here.